Fighting Drugs, Murder & Poverty…

DSource 07/08/2017 From time-to-time, I am sure that many, if not most of us, take notice of the sad shape our world, our nation and our communities are in. We look at our youth and shake our heads, saying “These kids have no home training”; “They have no common sense”; “They are lost” and so […]

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Her Kidneys were removed… Kidney Cancer…

  Hello! Thanks for reading this and considering donating. My name is Jacy and I need your help! I have been a RN for 25 yrs and have recently been unable to work due to illness. I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and had both kidneys removed in September 2016. I was on dialysis 3 […]

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The Value of Guns & Gun Control…

D-Source 02/28/2016   I am Founder of ‘Unlimited Education’ and we believe that Morals, Values & Ethics are at the core of every social & economic challenge we face in the entire world.   Unlimited Education’s definition of ‘Values’ is: The worth of things; what is important and what should take priority over what.   […]

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Black on Black Violence/Creating our own Misery

D-Source 01/21/2016 I made a statement on Sunday’s (01/10/16) ‘Let’s Change the WORLD’ Talk Radio Show that a caller questioned. I said that if we could, magically, get all Black People to stop killing each other, it would eliminate 80% of our misery… What I acutally meant was that we are the cause of probably […]

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Shaylene Johnson is Missing! Please Help!

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My Personal Christmas Tradition…

D-Source 12/26/2013 I have a personal Christmas Tradition. It is not a tradition that I purposely follow, but a tradition, none-the-less. Every Christmas for many years, now, I have managed to slowly slip into the abyss of heart ache. It is a slow decline into a place that feels strangely comfortable. I don’t even think […]

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Fifth-Grader Supports Gay Marriage?

Never mind the halls of Congress or even the White House. The case for legalizing gay marriage is being made in New York, but not in the mayor’s office or even the state’s capital. It’s coming from Kameron Slade, a fifth-grade student at PS 195 in New York City. When the bespectacled student was tasked […]

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Puppy Abandoned in Canyon Slit… Rescued!

Your comments and thoughts are welcome and appreciated!

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Animal Abuse (Unbelievable Cruelty)

This animal was dragged behind a car. How would any of us like to be dragged behind a car? This is a dispicable act of cruelty! Speak up, if you agree…

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Common Sense has Died! Funeral Services held…

Antoinette Mills Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: – […]

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Too Many Kids End Up as Statistics…

Daddy, for the past few months, I have noticed on the television, on the radio and sometimes even in the newspapers, people say Black boys grow up to become a statistic. They say Black boys die young, drop-out of high school, join gangs, use and sell drugs, get incarcerated, do not complete college and grow-up […]

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Al Sharpton vs. Trivis Smiley on Obama having a ‘Black Agenda’

Posted on YouTube in February 2010 Your comments are welcome and appreciated! Lets have a discusssion.

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