Is the Gospel in Safe Hands?

NO…. DON’T YOU DARE PASS THIS UP! I guarantee you 100%, that if you take time to listen to this woman; what she says will bless you beyond belief! It is rare I agree with 100% of everything that anyone says; but she has said nothing I can disagree with! Very powerful and passionate words […]

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My Personal Christmas Tradition…

D-Source 12/26/2013 I have a personal Christmas Tradition. It is not a tradition that I purposely follow, but a tradition, none-the-less. Every Christmas for many years, now, I have managed to slowly slip into the abyss of heart ache. It is a slow decline into a place that feels strangely comfortable. I don’t even think […]

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A Birthday Present for Jesus

D-Source 12/24/2013 As we spend way too much money giving each other gifts this Christmas, let’s not forget whose Birthday we are celebrating. Now, some like to focus on rather Christmas is actually Jesus’s Birthday; but what difference does it make when he was born? As we celebrate his Birthday, it is important that we […]

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Jesus (/?d?i?z?s/; Greek: ?????? Iesous; 7–2 BC to 30–33 AD), also referred to as Jesus of Nazareth, is the central figure of Christianity, whom the teachings of most Christian denominations hold to be the Son of God. Christianity holds Jesus to be the awaited Messiah of the Old Testament and refers to him as Jesus Christ, a name that is also used in non-Christian contexts. […]

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I’m Afraid of Living a Meaningless Life…

D-Source 10/14/2013 As a Christian, I’m not afraid of dying. I’m afraid of living a meaningless life. What will I say on Judgment Day? “Oh Lord, you have blessed me my entire life with good health!” And he may ask: “What did you do with your healthy body and mind?” Knowing the answer already, of-course. […]

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The Word of God Offers ‘Unlimited Education’

God, in his infinite wisdom, gave us a very basic set of Morals, Values and Ethics for us to live our lives and run our society by. They were so important, that he etched them into stone, because he intended them to be the very foundation that we built our society and our relationships on. When we […]

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Pray for My Friend Today…

 Sometimes, we must look at others to realize how blessed we are. Sometimes, we must look to others for inspiration.  My newest friend Tawana Colette Thomas-Hawkins is a prime example of what I’m talking about. Tawana has a beautiful smile! Now, you may find it odd that this is the first thing I mention about her, but […]

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What it’s like to be me…

D-Source Today, I had to go to the Library to use their Scanner. There is an older, retired gentleman there who works as a Security Guard. He is a very nice man! He always speaks to me and one day, he asked me to come sit with him and the other older gentlemen over in […]

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The Man with Love in his Heart…

There was once a good man. Although it is not possible, he felt like he had so much love in his heart, that it was equal to the Love of Jesus Christ, himself! Some blessed woman and her kids were destined to one day benefit tremendously from the incredible love this man had to share. […]

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How My Deceased Son’s Mother Died…

D-Source 03/25/2011 Below, is an excerpt from my Autobiography: “Stop Hitting Me with that Bat!” Jazzy (Joyce), was my only biological Son’s Mother. He died just 6 months before. Right around the time I lost my Father. My mother would pass shortly after Jazzy. So would 2 Aunts and a Cousin, another X girlfriend and […]

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Spirit of The Living God: Beautiful!

Words and Music by: William R. Hamilton Performed by: Chicago Mass Choir Soloist: Tammie Smith

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Pastors with More Prestige than God!

Pastors, Elders, Reverends, Ministers, etc., have, historically, put themselves on a pedestal. When Jesus walked the Earth as a Man, he noted that many of them got too much joy out of their titles and the respect they received and that they regularly said loud and long prayers so everyone could hear and they made […]

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Pastor Jenkins: What The Easter Bunny Won’t Tell You…… Part 2

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How to Get What We Want From God

“We are made in God’s image.” and “Our God is a righteous Judge.” These are two statements many of us take for granted too often and many of us never take time to understand that they go hand and hand. When we examine them together, they can teach us one of the most important lessons […]

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Who is God?

Plese don’t forget about Haiti! First of all, after reading The Bible, I see no dispute between the Bible and Science. The Bible says: God is “The Creator of The Universe”. It also says: “Though he may be called by many names, he is still my Lord and God”. Assuming that there is intelligent life on […]

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