What the Hell…?!

D-Source 08/12/2016   WHAT THE HELL?! I was using a public restroom and just as I began to piss, a voice from the next stall said, “Hi! How are you?” Embarrassed… I said, “I’m aight!!” The voice said, “So what are you up to?” I said, “Just doing the same as you, …I guess!” Then […]

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Trump’s Words Matter…

D-Source 08-10-16 When will the people who support Trump wake up? The President of the United States is Head of State. That means he is the face of America. People outside of the US will hang on every word he says and every action he takes as being representative of our nation, every person in […]

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I Don’t Fear Death…

06/12/2013 I estimate that 97% of all people die and are forgotten by 99% of the people who ever knew them, before the week is out. That 1% being family and very close friends. But 3% of all people make their mark on the hearts and minds of many people for generations to come. Among […]

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The Value of Guns & Gun Control…

D-Source 02/28/2016   I am Founder of ‘Unlimited Education’ and we believe that Morals, Values & Ethics are at the core of every social & economic challenge we face in the entire world.   Unlimited Education’s definition of ‘Values’ is: The worth of things; what is important and what should take priority over what.   […]

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Black on Black Violence/Creating our own Misery

D-Source 01/21/2016 I made a statement on Sunday’s (01/10/16) ‘Let’s Change the WORLD’ Talk Radio Show that a caller questioned. I said that if we could, magically, get all Black People to stop killing each other, it would eliminate 80% of our misery… What I acutally meant was that we are the cause of probably […]

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The Slave Mentality and the Oppressed Mindsets

  D-Source 12/30/2015   I had a discussion with Jamaican American last night, which inspired what I’m about to say: A lot of people disagree with me on this; but after years of research, surveys and actual work in the field, I have concluded that one of the worst things that Black People do is […]

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Blacks Need to take Responsibility… A Black Man’s Perspective

Caption: Yeah, it sounds just as dumb when Black People say it     D-Source 01/07/2014 I saw this photo on my Facebook Timeline and tried my best not to respond to it; but I just couldn’t help myself. I’m sorry, but I just had to re-post and respond; because, respectfully, this is NONE-SENSE! Of-course, […]

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The Unacceptable Truth by D-Source

D-Source 04/29/2014 Lately and sadly, evidence of the Racism that still exists in the United States has come to light, through the comments of people of influence. I am the absolute first to condemn those who preach that we, as Black People and other minorities are still oppressed and that we are still slaves and […]

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A Birthday Present for Jesus

D-Source 12/24/2013 As we spend way too much money giving each other gifts this Christmas, let’s not forget whose Birthday we are celebrating. Now, some like to focus on rather Christmas is actually Jesus’s Birthday; but what difference does it make when he was born? As we celebrate his Birthday, it is important that we […]

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My Perfect Woman…

D-Source 09/23/2013 My perfect woman is a Tom Boy… Blue Jean shorts, tank top and a baseball cap turned backwards. Little or no makeup, no false eye lashes and no weave. Either a chipped tooth or a slight gap in her teeth and in between her slightly bow legs. A couple scars on her knees […]

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Let’s Make Some Waves…

D-Source 09/20/2013 Reflecting on the journey I have taken with my Lord… From adoption to life as a child who was always a little different, to the military, to the heartbreak of having 4 non-biological children, who I loved, snatched away from me, never to be seen again. The rise of my small empire (Three […]

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“I don’t owe you nothin’… You owe me!”

It is unfortunate that our society has conditioned us to only look out for ‘Number One’. This, I believe, is due to the absence of what I would consider to be Good Morals, Values & Ethics Education for our children in our schools, neighborhoods and homes (See our Education Tab). We teach our children to trust no […]

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The Haunting…

D-Source I am haunted by the sound of your voice. It’s like a distant whisper; like the sound of a warm summer nights breeze against a soul that has turned cold. So I shiver… In anticipation of when we might meet again. But you are no  more than a ghost; an aborition, whose purpose is […]

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Contracting with the Devil

D-Source 03/10/2012 The Devil walks right up to you, introduces himself and says “I will drape you in gold, diamonds and pearls, put you in several exotic automobiles, rub your elbows with the rich and famous and give you power over life and death. All I require is your very soul. Just sign on the dotted […]

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It’s Not Law & Order: “Let’s Change the WORLD” Segment

Tune in to ‘It’s Not Law & Order’ Blog Talk Radio Show, this Sunday, January 15,2012 for the launch of our new ‘Let’s Change the WORLD’ Segment at:  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/drdenisemad  We will be taking call-ins with your nominations of people who are doing their part to ‘Change the WORLD’; people who are doing whatever little they […]

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