Cleveland, Ohio… A Tribute to a Great City…

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Stop the Violence

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LeBron James… Together

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Protests Against Monsanto and GMO’s

Below, is a Cleveland, Ohio march…. March Against Monsanto protests held in Brevard A protest march held in Downtown Melbourne against Monsanto, one of two in Brevard. Chris Bonanno,6:18 p.m. EDT May 24, 2014 (Photo: CHRIS BONANNO/FLORIDA TODAY) 70CONNECTTWEETLINKEDIN 10COMMENTEMAILMORE MELBOURNE — Protests against the Monsanto Company in Melbourne and Cocoa Beach were just two […]

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Body Count Could Rise in Cleveland Murder Case

Published July 21, 2013 Associated PressJuly 20, 2013: Law enforcement and FBI stand at the back of a boarded-up home where bodies were found earlier in the day Saturday in East Cleveland, Ohio. (AP Photo/The Plain Dealer, Joshua Gunter) EAST CLEVELAND, Ohio –  The police chief of a Cleveland suburb told searchers Sunday that he […]

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Missing Girls (10 Years) are Free in Cleveland, Ohio!

Amanda Berry went missing in 2003 when she was 16-years-old Gina DeJesus disappeared when she was 14-years-old in 2004 Michelle Knight disappeared in 2000 when she was 20-years-old All three of the women were found alive in a Cleveland home and are now being treated at a local hospital The 52-year-old man who owns the […]

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Braylon Edwards Pays for 100 Students’ College

Braylon Edwards pays for 100 students to attend college Post by Byakuugan_Mod in News on Jun 1, 2011 at 1:59 pm Braylon Edwards was very popular in the headlines for all the wrong reasons not too long ago. His name could have easily been added to my earlier Celebrity Trouble Again? blog. This time he’s […]

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American Cities that are Bleeding People…

by Michael B. Sauter Saturday, January 1, 2011 provided by The population of the United States has increased steadily by roughly 2.5 million people every year since World War II. Throughout prosperity and hard times, Americans continue to have families. Many of the country’s regions have expanded to accommodate this population increase. Some cities have […]

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Children in Poverty is a Generational Curse: ‘Unlimited Education’ is the Solution

  The number of children living in poverty in working households has risen to its largest ever number, a report has found ‘Unlimited Education’ is a 2.5 year old project. We have proven the correlation between Good Morals, Values & Ethics Education (Not Religion) and Better Education, Lower Dropout Rates, Lower Crime and Violence Rates, […]

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Lebron James/Michael Jordan Video…..

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‘Unlimited Ignorance’ Requires ‘Unlimited Education’

The Economy is bad! Crime is up and so are the High School and College Drop Out Rates. Teenage Pregnancy leads to Unqualified Parenting, Single Parent Households and Shattered Dreams. Drugs and Alcohol ruins characters and sucks the motivation and desire out of otherwise good people. Theft impacts the prices of goods that poor people must […]

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Ohio to be Midwest Passenger Rail Hub…

Ohio Hub Advances as Passenger Rail Connections to Toledo and Pittsburgh Studied Yonah Freemark July 19th, 2010 | 57 Comments » Governor Ted Strickland’s push to connect state via intercity rail is likely to go beyond initial Cincinnati-to-Cleveland corridor. Following through on a years-long promise to include fourth-city Toledo in the next phase of rail […]

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Positively Cleveland, Ohio…. That’s Right!

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Cavs Owner Calls LeBron’s Move: ‘betrayal’

Updated Jul 9, 2010 9:06 AM ET Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert posted this letter on after LeBron James decided he was leaving for the Miami Heat. Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters Wherever You May Be Tonight; As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the […]

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Is There a Doctor in The House?

Plan B has worked out pretty well for Kimberly Bryant of Cleveland. Bryant is scheduled to speak to her classmates at the University of Phoenix-Cleveland Campus graduation ceremony on Sunday, June 13, Severance Hall, as she receives her Doctorate of Business Administration. It’s a career detour for the Akron/Cleveland native, who serves as General Manager […]

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