3 Types of Friendships

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T.D. Jakes… Greatest Sermon Ever?

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Whitney Houston’s Memorial Service

By Christine Kearney and Jonathan Allen 02/18/2012 NEWARK, New Jersey (Reuters) – Stars, family and friends mourned Whitney Houston in a spirited funeral service at her hometown church on Saturday, a week after the sudden death of the singer whose spectacular voice made her one of the biggest pop stars of her era. A choir […]

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A Man who Spoke with Authority from God!

What are your thoughts and emotions after listening to this famous and historic speech? Can you deny that there was power in this man’s voice that could only come from God, himself?

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Pastor R. Stacey Jenkins in Form!

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The Pimp Game is Over!

Some of us consider ourselves Pimps. But who is the greatest Pimp of all. You must watch the video below to find out.  Let us know what you think. And remember…

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