What to Do? A Facebook Discussion

D-Source 08/31/2014 (Unlimited Education) The following is a Facebook Discussion I (D-Source, as Dale Davis) engaged in… Roger Hayward is an interesting gentleman, who has a program to help young Felons turn their lives around by offering them free training in Construction Trades, a job and housing. It is a great program in Gary, Indiana […]

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What’s Really Driving up US Gasoline Prices

In just a matter of a few days, gasoline prices have become a major worry for people pondering what might drag down the US economy. The essence of the problem is this chart, posted by CFR’s Blake Clayton (via Brad Plumer):   CFR Given where we are in the year, prices are unusually high. And […]

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Confidential License Plates Offer Select Californians a Pass


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Ohio to be Midwest Passenger Rail Hub…

Ohio Hub Advances as Passenger Rail Connections to Toledo and Pittsburgh Studied Yonah Freemark July 19th, 2010 | 57 Comments » Governor Ted Strickland’s push to connect state via intercity rail is likely to go beyond initial Cincinnati-to-Cleveland corridor. Following through on a years-long promise to include fourth-city Toledo in the next phase of rail […]

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