An Ideology of Fascism Developing in the United States…

D-Source 03/28/2016   First, I believe it is important to openly identify who I am. I am a Black, Liberal Leaning Independent, who believes Ideology is, in large part, ‘The Enemy’. I believe that viewing the world, life and even politics through one ideology is not only a mistake but dangerous. Nothing is as simple […]

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Ted Cruz wants to profile Muslim Communities

D-Source 03/23-2016 Well, we know that ISIS recruits people who feel disenfranchised. So, Ted Cruz says that we need to start profiling Muslim Communities by increasing Police patrol, which will make them feel disenfranchised… ?#?TedCruzisanIdiot?

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Terror in France…

  (Photo: Lionel Cironneau, AP) PARIS — The first edition of Charlie Hebdo since terror attacks in Paris last week left 17 people dead sold out at newsstands across France shortly after going on sale Wednesday. Residents in Paris formed lines at dawn and by mid-morning kiosks sported signs that said “No moreCharlie Hebdo” and […]

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Why no international effort for 200 kidnapped girls?

Protesters in a “million-woman march” on Wednesday, April 30, in the Nigerian capital, Abuja, highlight the government’s failure to rescue scores of girls who were kidnapped from their school in Chibok in mid-April. Militants seized about 230 girls in the dead of night at a high school in the nation’s far northeast, a hotbed for […]

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