Michelle Obama for President?

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An Ideology of Fascism Developing in the United States…

D-Source 03/28/2016   First, I believe it is important to openly identify who I am. I am a Black, Liberal Leaning Independent, who believes Ideology is, in large part, ‘The Enemy’. I believe that viewing the world, life and even politics through one ideology is not only a mistake but dangerous. Nothing is as simple […]

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Let’s Change the WORLD’ Talk Radio Show

The ‘Let’s Change the WORLD’ Weekly Talk Radio Show     This Sunday’s Show Why Try and ‘Change the WORLD’ Anyway? Why do you think? Are you making a difference? Call in and let us know what you do, why and how rewarding it is…   JOBS… JOBS… JOBS… JOBS… JOBS… JOBS… JOBS…   Our […]

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Reid and Democrats; Nuclear Option…

Reid proposes controversial rule change STORY HIGHLIGHTS Senate rules require 60 votes to move toward confirming a nominee or passing legislation Up until 1975, it took 67 votes to overcome a filibuster Sen. Ted Cruz’s floor speech before the government shutdown wasn’t a filibuster Current fight is over D.C. court, but impact extends well beyond […]

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