Ted Cruz wants to profile Muslim Communities

D-Source 03/23-2016 Well, we know that ISIS recruits people who feel disenfranchised. So, Ted Cruz says that we need to start profiling Muslim Communities by increasing Police patrol, which will make them feel disenfranchised… ?#?TedCruzisanIdiot?

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Israeli Prime Minister Speaks to US Congress…

  Washington (CNN)This never happens. U.S. presidents and Israeli prime ministers, however sharply they disagree, simply do not take public pot shots at one another for the world to see. Until now. Six years of petty insults between President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sensationally burst into the open Tuesday in an extraordinary […]

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Benghazi Report Debunks Republican Conspiracy

By Adam Levine, CNN updated 3:52 PM EST, Sat November 22, 2014 Source: CNN STORY HIGHLIGHTS Declassified version of House Intelligence Committee is released It concludes there was no intelligence failure prior to the attack Report describes a “flawed” process used to create talking points for Susan Rice Washington (CNN) — An investigative report prepared by […]

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American Sentiment About US Direction…

By GARY LANGER AND ANJA CROWDER via GOOD MORNING AMERICA Voters across the nation expressed significant discontent with the government in preliminarynational exit poll data. In fact, 34 percent of voters expressed that they were voting in opposition of President Obama today and 61 percent expressed that they were dissatisfied or even angry with the Republican […]

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US Two Party System… Wait a minute… How many parties?

List of political parties in the United States Policypedia Ballot access for major and minor party candidates Redistricting State ballot access information Alabama • Alaska • Arizona •Arkansas • California • Colorado •Connecticut • Delaware • Florida •Georgia • Hawaii • Idaho • Illinois •Indiana • Iowa • Kansas • Kentucky• Louisiana • Maine • Maryland •Massachusetts • Michigan •Minnesota • Mississippi • Missouri• Montana • Nebraska • Nevada •New Hampshire • New Jersey •New Mexico • New […]

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US Involvement Around the World

D-Source 09/17/2014 MESSAGE TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE Kudos to President Obama’s Foreign Policy. Look, Republicans beat the war drums and went into Iraq, in the first place. And for what turns out to be no good reason. Now that they (Republicans) have successfully destabilized the region and gotten thousands of our young people killed and […]

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What Obama Says About Republican Law Suit

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Obama on Gov. Shutdown & Affordable Care Act

This speech was given on 10/01/2013

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Could Colorado Split; Creating 51 United States?

If North Colorado became the 51st state today, it would be: » The 42nd largest state with 14,105,020 square miles » The 51st most populous state with 316,051 residents Greeley, population 95,357, would be the largest city and likely the state capital. How to form a new state Since it hasn’t been done in more […]

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Hillary Clinton’s Illness a Fake?

Republicans may use Benghazi to spearhead attacks on outgoing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. By Paul RichterDecember 19, 2012, 3:01 p.m. The State Department slammed former United Nations envoy John Bolton over his suggestion that Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton falsely claimed a concussion to avoid a potentially embarrassing appearance before Congress to explain the deadly terrorist attack on the […]

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The Ideology of being a Man or a Woman

Unfortunately, the United States has become a place where Idealism has overtaken Common Sense. Everyone has ideals, but many of us are overly idealistic. We are loyal to what we believe and refuse to believe anything else. We don’t even want to consider that there are exceptions to almost every rule and that different perceptions sometimes […]

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Conspiracy Theories…

D-Source There are many Conspiracy Theories out there. There is the theory that White People have a mass conspiracy to hold all Black People down. There is the theorythat all Rich People want to keep all Poor People poor. Many feel there is a conspiracy to keep wars going, so that those who profit off of […]

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194 Obama Accomplishments

Let’s talk about President Obama… If you’re one of those people who thinks President Obama is a “disappointment,” condolences for not getting your unicorn. And it’s time to grow up, get over it. We have four months to go before an election that will feature more political ads than you have ever seen before in […]

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Artist Jon McNaughton…

Amazing painting by artist Jon McNaughton portraying the plight of the common man. This is not a racial painting; it IS about the vanishing of the American dream. The painting symbolically suggests Obama stepping on the constitution and also representing the actions of other presidents. Artist: Jon McNaughton

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Did Republicans Agree to Obstruct Obama’s Agenda from the Start?

Today in “Duh”: Republicans didn’t just want to beat Obama, they wanted to stonewall him (via Raw Story ) For those people who somehow believed that the lack of progress on almost anything in Washington had something to do with legitimate policy disagreements on which there is legitimately no common ground, journalist Robert Draper has […]

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