“I am Man…”

D-Source 02/19/17 All I want to do is serve you… I want you to place the full weight of all your problems squarely on my shoulders. I want to absorb all your tears in my shoulder. I will come into your home and your life and I will reduce my free time to half, as […]

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My Angel… Happy Mother’s Day!

My Angel (A tribute to the late, great Beatrice Davis) AKA Ms. Bee For 9 months I made her miserable! I was the reason she gained so much weight and the reason she has back problems to this day. I made her sick to her stomach! One day, I caused her so much pain that […]

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Is the Gospel in Safe Hands?

NO…. DON’T YOU DARE PASS THIS UP! I guarantee you 100%, that if you take time to listen to this woman; what she says will bless you beyond belief! It is rare I agree with 100% of everything that anyone says; but she has said nothing I can disagree with! Very powerful and passionate words […]

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The Role of Men in Our Society…

by Author Darrell Freeman Jr.    10/19/2014 Just by looking around, you can tell that things are so much different than they were in the past. The biggest difference is the role men play in society, our homes, politics and business. Over the years, things have changed and way too many men are no longer […]

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R.I.P. Maya Angelou; you have ‘Changed the WORLD’

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A Message for the Good Women Out There…

D-Source 11/08/2013 Ladies, I understand your skepticism and frustration with men these days. But for the record, there are good and honest men out here and we are frustrated, as well. We are frustrated because many of the good women want a good man, but are not attracted to good men. There is something sexy, […]

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My Perfect Woman…

D-Source 09/23/2013 My perfect woman is a Tom Boy… Blue Jean shorts, tank top and a baseball cap turned backwards. Little or no makeup, no false eye lashes and no weave. Either a chipped tooth or a slight gap in her teeth and in between her slightly bow legs. A couple scars on her knees […]

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I’m Superman!

D-Source I am faster than a speeding Crackhead! More powerful than a loco Methhead on Angel Dust and able to leap tall tales told by old men, in a single bound! I am Superman! But I cannot reveal my true identity or it will compromise my ability to find Lois Lane. She is hiding from […]

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Grading a Student by His Test Score

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“Father Knows Best”

D-Source 04-11-2013 The Father loves a patient child. The Father knows what the child wants and hates to see his child sad. He wishes he could give the child everything he or she wants; but he knows the child is still too young. And it breaks the Father’s heart to deny this child, who he […]

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Conscious Plat: My Sista…

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How We Live…

D-Source 01/01/2012 Life… What a painfully beautiful experience! The pain is so very exquisite! We long for the lonely times, when we can shed a tear, in our quiet and secret places. Life… We spend our days and nights chasing ghosts that are as elusive as the wind! What mortal man can grasp the wind […]

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The Haunting…

D-Source I am haunted by the sound of your voice. It’s like a distant whisper; like the sound of a warm summer nights breeze against a soul that has turned cold. So I shiver… In anticipation of when we might meet again. But you are no  more than a ghost; an aborition, whose purpose is […]

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“Ah ha… Silly Boy!”

D-Source Ah ha: You should have never looked twice. But my curves do entice. And it is a shame that you are so nice. Just as nice as you can be. he he heee… Ah ha: You looked into my eyes and saw the pain I wanted you to see. And they were as blue […]

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Live Long and Prosper or Die Young…

D-Source People LOSE their HEALTH to GAIN MONEY. Then they LOSE their MONEY to SAVE their HEALTH. Because of their THOUGHTS of the FUTURE, they FORGET the PRESENT. Therefore, they DON’T LIVE for the PRESENT or the FUTURE. And while they are LIVING as if they will NEVER DIE, they DIE as if they NEVER LIVED…….

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