Jill Scott Gets Standing Ovation at White House

“You know, the Obama’s have brought a lot of ‘Soul’ to the White House that I will miss when they are gone!” D-Source

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Michelle Obama Not Impressed with visit to Saudi Arabia

Michelle Obama is not impressed: Grim-faced First Lady meets the Saudi king as members of his entourage refuse to shake her hand The president and Mrs Obama cut short their trip to India to pay their respects to the Saudi Arabian royal family on the death of King Abdullah But the First Lady did not […]

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Obama’s Town Hall Meeting with Africans

D-Source 07/24/2013 President Obama speaks to Africans of several nations during his recent trip. The trip was an attempt to fulfill his campaign promise to African American Constituents who played a huge role in his re-election. Obama campaigned that he would reach out to Africa and forge agreements that would foster economic growth in struggling, […]

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Michelle Obama’s Democratic Convention Speech

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President & First Lady Obama’s 19th Anniversary

President Barack & 1st Lady Michelle Obama’s 19th Anniversary Congrats to President Barack Obama & First Lady Michelle Obama 19th Wedding Anniversary !!!

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Michelle Obama is My Hero!

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Michelle Obama on Mentoring Kids

The White House Blog The First Lady on Mentorship: “Kids Don’t Need You to be Superman. They Just Need You to be There” Posted by Kori Schulman on January 27, 2011 at 09:44 AM EST Ed. Note: January is National Mentoring Month. Visit Serve.gov to learn more about how you can get involved. On Tuesday […]

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