Prisoners Fine Art Showing & Contest

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Dr. Dre & Jimmy Lovine Donates $70 Million to USC…

AFRICANGLOBE – Super-producer Dr. Dre (born Andre Young) and influential music executive Jimmy Iovine are using parts of their substantial fortunes to help cultivate the next generation of music business moguls. It was announced that the pair is giving theUniversity of Southern California $70 million to create a new music academy. “The vision and generosity […]

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Featured Gallery for Black History Month

From ‘The R. Greenberg Collection’

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Artist Jon McNaughton…

Amazing painting by artist Jon McNaughton portraying the plight of the common man. This is not a racial painting; it IS about the vanishing of the American dream. The painting symbolically suggests Obama stepping on the constitution and also representing the actions of other presidents. Artist: Jon McNaughton

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Are you Wonder Women?

Wonder Woman…. Are you Wonder Woman? If so, please leave a comment telling us why.

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