How About a Little Credit Ladies?

DSource 07/17/2017

Uh oh… I’m about to get myself in big trouble with this one… But I just can’t help myself; this just gotta be said…

Ladies, we men understand your value. That is why we honor you every chance we get. Your birthday, Valentine’s Day Sweetest Day, Mother’s Day, every time there is a Lady’s Night and even every time we open a door or pull out a chair, are all ways we honor you for your pain and suffering, as you hold down a career and manage the household at the same time, as you bear our children and go above and beyond to remain beautiful for our sake. We get it and we prove it, all the time!

But how about a little credit for us Men? We have our Birthday and we have Father’s Day. Both are good for a Dinner, at best. Personally, I haven’t gotten a Birthday, Father’s Day or Christmas Card, nor a dinner in too many years to even count. It would be embarrassing to count. There is no Men’s Night Out and who ever opens a door and holds it for us? Most women, with rare exceptions, will simply let the door slam in our face after she walks through. We men do the overwhelming majority of the approaching and we ask you women to dance and we ask you for a phone number and a date and then we ask you for your hand in marriage. Do you lady’s have any idea how much rejection men endure?. Most woman can’t handle any rejection what-so-ever, but rejection is an almost daily part of a man’s life. And we dare not complain, less we be labeled as ‘Weak’.

We men get to spend all our money wining and dining you women, while you keep most of your money in your pocket. But when we come up short on money one day, there is a problem; like it is something wrong with us.

Look, we take on every single nasty, dirty, stinky, disgusting job in the world without complaint. When your tire goes flat at 2 am, while on the way from a Girl’s Night Out, we get out of bed, on a work night, to come lay out on the wet, muddy, nasty ground, in the rain or snow, to fix it. Most men, by age 40 something, has to stand and walk very slowly, at first, because their bones and muscles are stiff from years and years of abuse. Most men are in pain all day long, every day. We don’t complain about it, we simply ignore it; because it is just the normal way we feel every day. There isn’t a day that goes by where something doesn’t ache on the average man’s body. If you don’t believe me, ask a man. Smashed thumbs and fingers, cuts and bruises irritating, aching and itching, daily. It’s just part of being a man.

We take the entire world’s problems and place them squarely on our own shoulders. Even down to the family unit. The weight of every household’s success or failure is on our shoulders. That means the household finances, maintenance, discipline and security. We often step right into a woman’s life, cutting her expenses in half, as we increase ours by half; take care and love another man’s children as though they were our own, cutting our free time in half, as we increase hers by half. Then, as we inconvenience ourselves to the max; we have to also put up with her mouth. Always something we aren’t doing or doing right. On our day off, we get a ‘Honey Do List’. When you are upset, we bend over backward, jump through hoops and do stupid pet tricks to make you smile again. When we aren’t happy, we are whinnying and needy and simply need to get over it.

Women say they want a strong man; yet they want us to be sensitive, too. Make up your mind… You say you want sensitive, but what woman wants to walk into the living room and find her man wallowing in a puddle of tears over the bills? You want us to be the man; but when we walk out the door, you question us about where we are going and what time we will be home; like a child. And when the chips are down; we are, suddenly, less than a man. If we get laid off, so they repossess the car; we aren’t worthy of a woman. But maybe the car got repossessed, because we made sure the kids had school close instead of paying our own car note. But what woman you meet will even give you the time of day to explain that, prior to prejudging you as a Bum for not having a job and a car? In his darkest hour, when he could really use the support of a woman who believes in him; he has to be made to feel like less than a man!

All I hear is how few good men there are and how every man cheats and how you can’t trust a man and how if a man doesn’t have this, that and the other; he ain’t worth a damn and if he complains about this, he is weak and if he asks for a little respect, then he is ‘Needy’. GTFOH!

Ladies, how about a little credit?!

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