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DSource 07/08/2017

From time-to-time, I am sure that many, if not most of us, take notice of the sad shape our world, our nation and our communities are in. We look at our youth and shake our heads, saying “These kids have no home training”; “They have no common sense”; “They are lost” and so on… We talk about how much of a shame all the senseless killing is and we are appalled by the sagging pants at our favorite restaurants. We say “If only they knew the history behind sagging pants”. We look at children having children and say “No wonder…” and we talk about how men need to father their children, as if talking about it will, somehow, produce that result.

We talk about many solutions… We say “There needs to be somewhere for these kids to go after school”; we say “There should be some programs”; we say “These kids need some Role Models and Mentors” and “They need to be taught right from wrong…” But few of us have the time. We are too busy trying to rear our own children and trying to make a living.
Well, I have taken on the responsibility of trying to provide that place for kids to go after school and that program they need and those Role Models and Mentors, as well as that common-sense education, so that they know right from wrong. And when the parents are unable to provide food, clothing and shelter, My organization will provide the money for that food, clothing and shelter. The question is, will people support my organization with a donation of between $1.00 and $5.00; the cost of a candy bar or a beer?
I realize that some will say it’s a scam; some will say they intended to help, but forgot; some will say they had to pay a bill or buy the kids some shoes and some will doubt that we can make a difference. There are many reasons you can come up with not to help; but in the end, I am only asking for $1.00 to $5.00, for a good cause.
And if you are able to help; may God bless you in the fullest!
And welcome to ‘The Movement’!






Dale Davis, Pres.
The ‘Let’s Change the WORLD Movement, Inc. (501 c 3)
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

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