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D-Source 06/25/2017

Most of us can agree that there is a political and ideological divide in the United States of America, today. And this divide has two distinct sides. Side one is the side who is all for making ‘America Great Again’.

Those who buy into the idea of making America great again tend to be your older, rural, Caucasian and less educated, according to Government Statistics. They are commonly called Conservatives and are typically Republicans, when it comes to politics. That doesn’t mean that these are the only people who buy into this ideology; it just means that these are the typical demographics or that a majority of those who have bought into this ideology, are of these demographics. When you break down these demographics a little further, you have the older Caucasians who long for going back to a better time in America, when the economy was great for them, things were much simpler and when patriotism was high. The rural residents, rather older, younger and possibly regardless of race, tend to feel left behind. To them, there America isn’t so great, right now; so they can easily buy into the idea of making it great, the way it used to be for them. The reasons why this group may contain more under educated; not to be confused with less intelligent, may have a lot to do with this group being people who are not feeling like America is so great right now. When you are not financially successful, it is difficult to further your education. It is a known fact that poverty has the effect of suppressing education.  Now, those on the other side of the divide would argue that the less educated would obviously be more easily duped into buying into this type of ideology. Unfortunately, you have those White Supremacists and other Racists and Nationalists, who want to go back to a time when minorities and immigrants and even certain religious groups were less boisterous knew their place in society and when segregation was the norm. And unfortunately, these are the groups of people who tend to be the face of all the people on this side of the divide, for many of the people on the other side of the divide. Many on the other side of the divide believe that the only way you could possibly be on this side of the divide, is if you are a Racist or Nationalist or White Supremacist, etc. So, just what is the ideology of the other side of this divide?

The other side of the divide feel that America could definitely use some improving; but have absolutely no interest in going back to that time in the past when America was so great. These people are commonly called Liberals and are typically Democrats, when it comes to politics. They tend to be young, educated Caucasians, Minorities and Urban Dwellers. Again, the same rules apply; there are exceptions to these norms. When we break down these demographics, we have the younger, educated Caucasians, a few of whom may be rural, but who are much more likely to be Urban Dwellers and they are not impoverished. They are doing well and simply don’t get why the people on the other side of the divide are constantly talking about making America great, again. To them, America is pretty great right now. Not perfect, by any means, but not so bad. Minorities, who tend to be urban dwellers, tend to question what “Great” time in American History are the people on the other side of the divide talking about taking us back to? Was it that great time when Native Americans were slaughtered and all their land taken away from them or that great time when Black People were slave and then serfs and Indentured Servants? Or maybe that great time when we rounded up all the Japanese Americans and put them into camps? How about that wonderful time in American History when Black People could be found hanging from the limbs of random trees and they were being hosed down in the streets and dogs were being sicked on them? Or that great time in the 1960’s when Black People had to go into the back door of restaurants and hotels, drink out of separate water fountains and sit on the back of buses. Or that great time in the 1970’s when the schools were segregated and there was so much discrimination when it came to housing and credit? Or in the 1980’s when Black People and Latino’s were randomly being stopped on the streets and harassed, when Racial Profiling exploded and the Black and Latino Prison Populations began to explode, as well? To Minorities, America has never been as great for them as it is right now; not that it’s all that great right now. And, of-course, the people on the other side of the divide simply chalk this all up to minorities “Playing the Race Card…”. And this infuriates minorities; because it, in their minds, is simply a demeaning of their heart felt opinions, viewpoints and perspectives, as if they didn’t even matter. And this feeds into the narrative that Black and Minority Lives don’t matter, to add to the evidence presented by the way Police get away with senselessly killing Black People, from their perspective. And the divide is clear, because while people on this side of the divide side with the victims; the people on the other side typically defend the Police Officers in their actions.

So, the question becomes, who is right and who is wrong?

Well, if you ask those on either side; the answer is simple, i.e. the other side. But where does that get us? There has to be a way to bridge the divide. Well, I believe that we can begin with my personal favorite and most trusted piece of philosophy:

“None of life’s problems and solutions are as simple as either black or white. More often than not, these problems and their corresponding solutions can be found in various shades of grey.”

When we begin with this philosophy, we can begin to understand that neither side has a monopoly on wisdom. Whenever two people debate or argue, it is rare that one person is all the way right and the other all the way wrong. More often than not, one is a little right and the other a little wrong, maybe one a little more right or wrong than the other. So, more often than not, compromise is in order, recognizing who is a little more right. On those rare occasions when one side is all the way right, then the side that is wrong must be humble enough and have enough integrity to simply acknowledge it and change their views.

What I have just described, is ‘Function’. Unfortunately, our society, right now, is engaging in ‘Dysfunction’. We are not compromising when compromise is necessary and we are not acknowledging the truth and acting on it, when the truth is evident. And let us not point fingers at the other side, regardless of which side you are on personally. Instead, I recommend that both sides point their fingers at themselves and admit when they may be a little wrong, a lot wrong or all the way wrong and taking the actions associated with integrity and being humble. In other words, simply do what is right. This requires Morality, a strong sense of Values and Ethics. And thus, the solution to most every social and economic challenge we face in America, i.e. Morals, Values and Ethics Education…. If everyone simply did the right thing, what man made problems would we have? So, the ‘Let’s Change the WORLD’ Movement has the ‘Unlimited Education’ Project, which I will not elaborate on within this article. More information is available at; Education Tab.

The point, however, is that by exercising the proper morality, we can recognize that the other’s perspective does matter. Belittling and demeaning another’s heart felt feelings and perspectives will never bridge the divide. It will only serve to enrage. Once we begin to listen, we will begin to learn. It is difficult to understand another man’s perspective until you walk in his shoes. So, we must try on each other’s shoes and work on our ability to empathize with each other. How can the man truly understand what it is like to be a woman and vise-versa, when he has never been one? All he can do is listen and try on her shoes. Not literally, of-course, unless that is your thing… But figuratively. Try to understand or feel her pains and frustrations and emotions. Try to picture life from her perspective. And How can a White Man understand what it is to be a Black Man and vise-versa? How can the Urban Business Man truly understand what it’s like to be a rural Farmer, who is also a Business Man and vise-versa? How can the Caucasian Man truly understand what it is like to be a Mexican Immigrant or why and how can that Mexican Immigrant truly understand why the Caucasian Man feels the way he does? Neither has warn the other’s shoes, let alone their skin. But in order to bridge the divide, that is exactly what they need to honestly try to do. How would you feel and what would you do, if you were him? And when we make a serious effort to empathize, more often than not, we will find ourselves saying “Wow; I would feel the same way he does, if I was him” or “I would have done the same thing he did…” And if we find ourselves saying either; then how can we, in good conscience and morality, condemn the other? Aren’t we more alike than we seem?

And that is the bottom line. When truly try on each others’ shoes and then are honest, moral and have integrity, we will all have to admit that we all have much more in common that differences. Rather you are a US Citizen or an Illegal Immigrant, rather you are Black, White, Latino, Asian, Native American, Man, Woman, Old, Young, rather you are an urban or rural dweller, rather you are Muslim, Christian, a Scientologist, Buddhist or any other religion, we all have most of the same things in common… We all want peace, security, prosperity, freedom, safety, a great education system and a bright future for our children and happiness. There are no differences in what we all want; just in how we get what we all want. So, what is the wisdom in fighting each other, when we all have the same wants and goals? Doesn’t it make more sense to begin understanding how and why we each have a different perspective on how to achieve what we all want and then begin to compromise, based on what makes the most sense vs. based on blind loyalty to an ideology? And this is where I will make my final point; which is that Ideology is the enemy.

We, as Americans and as a whole, tend to align ourselves with ideologies; thus, the Conservative/Republican or the Liberal/Democrat. And we become so loyal to these ideologies that we begin to look at everything in terms of does it fit my ideology or not. If it does, it is white and if it doesn’t it is black. If it is black, get back and if it is white, it must be right. And the colors can be switched, for those racially sensitive individuals, but the meaning remains the same. I simply wanted to make a rhyme, not a racial statement here. And the point is that we, in the US of A, are continuously trying to make our problems and solutions as simple as either black or white, when the truth can only be found in various, complex shades of grey. And until we are willing to step outside of our black and white boxes, into the grey, we will continue to be on polar opposite sides of every issue. It’s like the North Pole trying to talk face-to-face with the South Pole. The only way they will ever talk face-to-face, is if they decide to meet at the Equator. Everyone needs to come to the middle, meet face-to-face, get to know each other, acknowledge each other’s perspectives and then begin to compromise. Together we are strong; divided, we fall!

And we must put God, first…

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