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Why work all week just to come home and work some more? We offer World Class Maid Service for I Can’t Afford a Maid Prices… Special Discounts available now for Maid Service and Lawn Care and other services…
Now is a great time to consider what additional services would set your hotel even further apart from the rest and maybe what current services aren’t as efficient as you’d like them to be. Attract the world’s elite by offering elite services the other Hotels don’t.
King Louis is you One Stop Shop for After Construction Clean Up, Landscaping and various other services…
Planning an Upscale Wedding, Bar Mitzva, Business Conference or  other event? How about a glamorous event that will create memories for a life time and that will have everyone talking, catered by two of South Florida’s top Chefs?
Below, is a short list of our most popular residential and business services and a link to our website, where you can find even more information:

Thank you for considering King Louis Services!


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Dale Davis

King Louis Services Account Manager



King Louis Services is a proud member of The “Let’s Change the WORLD” Movement

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