Repeal and Replace or Switch and Screw?

DSource 05/04/17

After going on 7 years and after 52 attempts at trying to repeal Obamacare, the Republican Controlled House has finally succeeded in passing a bill that will do just that and replace it with their own version of Health Care Reform. It is Trump’s first legislative victory and they are celebrating…

However, there are several problems:

1. The bill now has to go to the Republican controlled Senate, where it is ‘Dead on Arrival’, in it’s present form. They have passed a bill that they knew had zero chance in the Senate, just to try and trick the American People into feeling like they were successful; when really, they were unsuccessful and are just passing the buck to the Senate, in hopes they can come up with something.

2. People like myself, who actually pay attention, know that they passed a bill that has not been scored. That means the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) has not had an opportunity to do the research required to estimate how much the bill would cost, if it became law and how many people will lose their Health Care, rather premiums are likely to go up or down and by how much and how much more money it might cost people with Pre-Existing Conditions to get insurance, among other things… They passed a bill, just for the sake of Politics, without knowing what impact it will have on the system, let alone the American People. And these are the Republicans we are entrusting with our well-being.

3. Trump and the Republicans promised to insure that people with Pre-existing Conditions would be covered. But this bill no longer requires Insurance Companies to charge people with Pre-Existing Conditions the same rates they charge everyone else. This means that some and probably many people will no longer be able to afford their policies, if they have Pre-Existing Conditions.

I could go on and on and on… Why do people still align themselves with this party?! A President who admits to groping women and a Congress who votes to screw sick people, just to get money out of Obamacare to pay for the tax cut they want to give the very rich, who refused to pay a little more in taxes, so regular people like you and I could all have Health Care. Why do we have to get screwed, just so the rich can get a Tax Cut?

I know there are people who hate when I start bringing up those pesky historical facts about what has actually happened; but I just can’t stand to sit back and allow people who don’t pay attention the way I do, to be bamboozled, without clearing away the smoke, so they can see.

First of all, Obamacare was originally called Romney Care. It was a Republican Idea based on Mitt Romney’s Health Care Plan while he was Governor of Massachusetts. It was a hugely popular law and Republicans were behind it 100%, until Obama came on board and said “Yes, it’s working well in Massachusetts, so let’s roll it out to the rest of the nation. All of a sudden, Republicans were immediately 100% against it. It was a great idea until Obama came on board. This is because Mitch McConnell was caught on tape vowing to obstruct Mr. Obama and make sure he was a “One Term President” within Mr. Obama’s first 24 hours as President. To many people, including myself, this reaped of Racism…

So, Mr. Obama came out with a revision of the law, which was what he called the ‘Public Option’, which he claimed would be the biggest and easiest way to lower Health Care Costs or to at-least reduce the rate of rise in costs. The idea was for the government to offer average citizens the exact same plan that Congress gets. And that way, if you didn’t like the price that the Insurance Companies were offering, you could always opt to go with the Government Option/Public Option. The idea was that the competition of a lower cost Public/Government Option would force Insurance Companies to compete with lower cost plans; otherwise, people would simply go with the Public Option.

Well, Insurance Companies didn’t like it. They spent hundreds of millions of dollars on negative ads depicting Mr. Obama as a Kenyan Born, Muslim, Socialist Terrorist, who had an evil plan to bankrupt America by indoctrinating our children, launching a complete government takeover of Health Care and building Death Camps for all Grandmothers. In other words, they convinced a significant amount of Americans that Obama was ‘The Boogie Man’. This would have all been laughable if accused of any other Caucasian President in US History; but somehow, sounded perfectly credible about our first Black President, who happened to be named Obama. Donald Trump came on board and helped start an entire movement to convince Americans that Obama wasn’t born in America. Do you think he was paid? I don’t know; but he may have been. Mr. Obama was forced to drop the Public Option, which was the part that he claimed would lower costs.

The biggest complaint among Republicans is the rise in Health Care Costs, which are rising slower than they have in decades, by the way. A point Republicans always fail to mention. But, never-the-less, that is their complaint. So, they blame Obama for the rise in costs, when they are the reason Mr. Obama had to give up the part of the law he claimed would lower the rise in costs. Republicans messed up and then blamed Obama.

Well, Republicans succeeded in convincing Americans that they deserved control of the House, based on their guarantee to focus on job growth. For the next six years and now going on seven, Congress has not passed one single jobs bill; NOT ONE! Obama put forth economic proposals, which were shot down by the Republican Congress. And they shot down every attempt Obama made to raise the Minimum Wage, as they continually dogged him about slow wage growth. Instead of Republicans focusing on jobs and the economy the way they promised, they focused on repealing Obama Care 52 times over 6 years. They have been obsessed! No Infrastructure Bills, no Tax Reform, no Immigration Reform; nothing! They’ve simply been focused on overturning Obama’s signature legislation. Why the unprecedented obsession? Hmmm….

Now, each and every time they have failed, I thank God; because they have never had anything to replace it with. They were just going to allow every one of the 24 million additional men, women and children who were finally able to have Health Care, to lose it. Now that they have full control of the Administrative, Legislative House and Senate and even the Judicial Branches of the Federal Government, they are still obsessed with making this man (Obama) a failure, just like they vowed to do on Mr. Obama’s very first day as President. They are still trying to repeal Obamacare. But guess what? It is now perfectly clear that they have never had a replacement. Really?! Now, they can’t even agree on how to replace it; because, as it turns out, it would be Political Suicide for them to replace Obamacare with anything that would eliminate the most popular parts of the law. But also, as it turns out, it is very difficult to offer the popular parts of Obamacare, without government mandates, which is what Republicans are against.

What is their solution? To allow states to opt out of the mandates and offer 8 billion dollars in subsidies to help lower the cost of Health Care for people with Pre-Existing Conditions. Why? Because Insurance Companies will no longer be obligated to offer coverage to those people at the same price they offer coverage to everyone else. In other words, Republicans are allowing discrimination back into Health Care. And Obamacare had removed the discrimination out of Health Care. And how does 8 billion dollars help to lower the National Debt?

And at the same time, they are doing their best to roll back the regulations that prevent companies from polluting as much as they want and screwing the Consumer as much as they want. They are even rolling back Michelle Obama’s Healthy Food Program for kids. What do they have against these poor, inner city kids (Mostly Black and Hispanics) having a nutritious lunch?!


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