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D-Source 02/19/17

I’m sorry and mean no disrespect to anybody; but I’m sick and tired of hearing about this stupid wall Trump wants to build! It’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard of!

Many experts are saying that some of the terrain that this wall will have to be built on is nearly impossible to build a wall across in an economically feasible manner. Some experts say cost overruns could be over a hundred of millions, due to unexpected problems with costly fixes. Estimates are approaching a 100 billion dollars on the high end, for a wall that will be completely ineffective and that will not even cover the entire Southern Border. It won’t cover the Florida Border, for example. If it did, it would kill the state’s Tourism, Cruise Line and Shipping Port Businesses, among many others.

Experts say a fence would be more cost efficient and more effective than a wall, because you can’t see through a wall and know when someone is plotting to blow a whole in it. Drug Lords, who are millionaires, will simply blow wholes in it and dig tunnels under it or fly over it or reroute to one of the other 3 open borders to keep their drug trades going and new businesses will be created transporting Illegal Immigrants by ships to other borders, by planes and through underground tunnels. Experts argue that, In due time, this trillion dollar wall will be nothing but an eye soar with pot wholes in it from dynamite and missile blasts.

The United States, who has always been all about tearing down walls, because they never do anything but create miss-trust and lead to war, is suddenly talking about building a wall of our own. How hypocritical is that? And the Mexicans have always been our good friends and one of our biggest trading partners. Their music, food, culture and even the Mexican People are woven into our social fabric. Now, we are going to insult them by building a wall between us and them and to add insult to injury, we are going to try and bully them into paying for it?! GTFOH! We can’t make them pay for that wall! All we are doing is making an enemy out of a once good freind. And in the long run, no matter how powerful you think you are, it is always better to have friends, than enemies; especially if they are right up against your border.

So, why not take half or less of that trillion dollars he wants to build that stupid, ineffective and offensive wall with and focus on working with Mexico to eliminate these Drug Lords and their strongholds, improving living conditions, getting rid of the corruption and to insert some quality education into these communities. It is their country, so they should put forth equal or more investment with us, along with joint intelligence and law enforcement or military operations. Eventually, these people will rise up and demand better from their government, because they will, then, know that their time to rise up has finally come. They will develop hope. And as they see progress, there will be less reasons and less desire to leave their home land, their families, friends, culture and language to take a dangerous and illegal trip to our country, when they have hope and prosperity right where they are. Mexicans love their country. They don’t leave because they hate their country; but out of necessity. They will have no reason to leave, if they have hope for a brighter future, in their own country.

This is just one of possibly other long term strategies that attack the problem at the core vs. throwing good money at a band aid approach that will never stop them from wanting and desiring to come here, because it never addresses the problem, at its core. And where there is a will to come here; there is always a way…. Especially with three more open borders. What are we going to do, build a wall all the way around the United states?

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