President Trump or Campaigner and Chief?


D-Source 0/21/17

Donald Trump had a campaign style ‘Pep Rally’ in Florida Saturday night (02/18/17), where he insulted the Sweeds, causing the former Sweetish President to tweet:

“… What is he (Trump) smoking…?

Would someone please inform Mr. Trump that he has already won the election and he doesn’t have to campaign anymore; it’s actually time to govern, now…

First 30 Day Trump Facts:

* In the first 30 days, Mr. Trump has issued a number of Executive Actions. Executive Actions aren’t laws, but Administrative Orders. Most of Trump’s orders have been to review things and to study things and to remove bureaucratic red tape that would hold up things. Orders aimed at deregulating the Coal and Oil Industries and so on… Mr. Trump believes Climate Change is a hoax.

* There were two notable actions; one of them being to loosen restrictions on which Illegal Immigrants should be the target of Law Enforcement and the second was a Travel Ban on 7 Muslim Nations.

* There has been no notable Trump Backed, Campaign Promised legislation passed in the first 30 days of the Trump Administration.

First 30 Day Obama Facts:

* legislation on children’s health insurance

* The “Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act for women

* The The Recovery Act: A 787 Billion Dollar Law impacting infrastructure improvement, major changes in energy, education and a huge tax cut for average Americans

* Family Medical Leave legislation

* A 75 billion dollar bailout for Home Owners in Foreclosure

* While President Trump signed 18 Executive Orders in his first 12 days in office; Obama signed 19.

What this comparison shows is that motion doesn’t always mean progress. A Rocking Horse is constantly in motion, but goes nowhere….

Come on Mr. Trump; enough with the Pep Rallies…. Let’s get something done!

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