“I am Man…”

D-Source 02/19/17

All I want to do is serve you… I want you to place the full weight of all your problems squarely on my shoulders. I want to absorb all your tears in my shoulder. I will come into your home and your life and I will reduce my free time to half, as I increase yours by half. I will cut my income in half, as I increase yours by half. I will love and care for another man’s children, as though they are my own. I will work three jobs to keep a roof over your head and I will fight King Kong to keep you safe! I will message your heart and pray for the salvation of your soul! You will always be mine, forsaking all others. You are that ‘Vital Rib’, which God extracted from me. Without you, I am incomplete and I can never reach my full potential. Until I find you, I can never fully find myself. I am ‘Man’.


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