Her Kidneys were removed… Kidney Cancer…



Thanks for reading this and considering donating. My name is Jacy and I need your help!

I have been a RN for 25 yrs and have recently been unable to work due to illness. I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer and had both kidneys removed in September 2016. I was on dialysis 3 times a week , but was not totally dependent on the treatments and was blessed to be able to work 36 hrs a week as an Oncology Nurse. Unfortunately, now I am totally dependent on Dialysis and I am still recuperating from my surgery. I am not physically able to continue working as a Hospital Nurse full time, but I hope to go back part-time, in a less hectic or stressful position. I love being a nurse!

I am currently on leave from work , but my Short Term Disability has run out and I just received notice that I am now “On Leave Without Benefits “, which means I have no medical coverage, as of now! I have been without funds for a while and I am now threatened with eviction and repossessions!

I just need a quick helping hand until I’m back on my feet! It’s a very humbling position to need help when you have always been a ” Helper”!

I do appreciate your consideration!

Thank you! 

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“Please help spread the word!”

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  1. DSource4U Says:

    I have known Jacy for probably 40 years or so. All I can say, is that life can often be unfair and down right cruel.

    This highly intelligent woman has a smile that would warm your heart! I am 100% sure she has been a huge blessing in the lives of many, as a Nurse of over 25 years. How many more meaningful jobs in the world are there than Nursing? Not many, if any. And can you imagine a more thankless jobs? They do all the heavy lifting and get none of the glory. The Nurse is who you bond with…

    I would like to urge everyone who has a heart, to give whatever little you can afford to help someone who has given so many, so much, over the last 25 years.

    Join the Movement… Make a positive difference in someone’s life!

    Thank you!

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