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You and your spouse have a car accident. You survive, but your spouse doesn’t. You get charged with murdering the person you love most. The evidence gets mishandled, there’s Prosecutor Misconduct, Witnesses and Professionals change their testimonies and the entire small town turns against you. You go to Prison. What now? Who will tell your story and who will listen? Who will help you?

Part I told the story; but now we will highlight the improprieties and we tri those who committed them in the Superior Court of Public Opinion. In addition to Mr. Wlasiuk, those on trial also include:

Judge Howard Sullivan; Judge Martin Smith; Judge Joseph Cawley; Prosecutor Joseph McBride; Lead Investigator James Lloyd’ Joyce Worden; Defense Attorney Frederick Neroni; Sheriff Deputy C.T. Ellingsen; Dr. Terzian and Sheriff Deputy Richard Cobb…

Join us on Sunday, September 11th, at 6:00 PM, by clicking this link or dial (818) 739-8909 to listen by phone, from anywhere. Please share…

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4 Responses to “‘Let’s Change the WORLD’ Talk Radio…”

  1. DSource4U Says:

    I can’t imagine getting into a car accident where my wife is killed and then I end up getting charged with murdering the one I love. I can’t imagine how it would feel for the entire small town I live in to turn against me so much, that evidence can be mishandled, the Prosecutor can change the Cause of Death, a witness can change their testimony and my own Attorney can get disbarred, but I am not allowed a new trial, outside of that small, closely knit community….

    Peter Wlasiuk has been imprisoned for nearly 15 years, now…. Isn’t it time for a new and fair trial?

  2. Joan Henry Says:

    I support Peter who is one thousand percent innocent. This poor man not only lost the love of his life then FRAMED by some HEARTLESS so called human beings. I know there is a special place in hell for those that did this to Peter. Somehow we need to get this man free. The so called justice system needs a serious clean up and serious charges need to be brought upon those who perform these CORRUPT actions. All of us who have lost loved ones know the pain that comes with that then to be SET UP for a crime you did not commit is BEYOND CRUEL for what power and money which will end up chocking these corrupt when they meet their maker. PETER I SUPPORT YOU AND WILL CONTINUE THIS FIGHT UNTIL THE DAY YOU ARE FREE

  3. Heather Soper Says:

    I echo the 2 responses above Loud and Clear, I would shout it from the Rooftops that Peter is INNOCENT. Those who did this to him will one day think about what they did and be totally ashamed that they took Peter from his family and stole 15 YEARS of his life, Worse is, they KNOW Peter is innocent but their careers and money mean MORE. Such utter EVIL is hard to get your head around.
    Peter needs his Freedom and we have to get it for him, Peter ADORED Patty, the letter he wrote to me shouted it out, he misses her terribly, the fun and laughter they shared, the jokes he played on her, he LOVED ‘his’ Patty so very much.
    Peter Needs to be FREED NOW.

  4. Randi Case Says:

    I am Peter’s lead advocate and I whole heartedly support him and will never ever stop fighting to prove his innocence. Peter is a good man and loves Patty to this day. We need good people to step up and help him. We need a good attorney to say hey I will help. Peter needs to go home to his family. It has been 15 years that his life has been stolen from him,,, let us find him the help he so greatly deserves and bring justice to him and end this nightmare for him and his family.

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