I Don’t Fear Death…


I estimate that 97% of all people die and are forgotten by 99% of the people who ever knew them, before the week is out. That 1% being family and very close friends. But 3% of all people make their mark on the hearts and minds of many people for generations to come. Among these are Musicians, who make timeless music that brings joy to peoples’ lives and Writers, whose timeless words touch people for generations and so on…

I am not afraid of dying. I am afraid of living a meaningless life. I want my life to mean something to people, after I am gone. I want to leave my mark on this Earth. I want to do something great! I believe God has instilled ‘Greatness’ in us all, but only a very few of us actually aspire to be great. Most of us work hard and aspire to GET great things; but in order to BE great, you must work hard and aspire to GIVE great things. And 97% of us would much rather get, than give and when gone, will be soon forgotten…

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    Tracey · Ronnie – That’s a great point. Time is a great equalizer, we can all only use what we are given…once the supply runs out there is nothing more we can do.

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    – I guess I should have made the distinction between the two. O:-). The bones do go on for quite a bit of time, but yes, the whole catacomb network goes on a lot longer than that. I'm making sure I discourage my readers to not attempt to get themselves lost.@David#2 – Do it! I'd check in advance to make sure they will be open when you go visit though. Apparently when I went they just were done revamping them (restacking the bones, apparently) and had been closed for several months. I would have been so upset to miss it, but just made it by a week!

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