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D-Source 06/23/16

I am in 100% agreement with the idea that Gun Control is not the solution to Gun Violence and Terrorism. Blaming a gun for murder is like blaming a pencil for a Dear John Letter. A gun is simply a tool that can be used for either good or evil, depending on the user. It can be used to protect and defend or to murder, depending on the morality and values of the user.

But it is important to understand that the call for tougher Gun Control measures is not about blaming the gun for the problem and is certainly not about eliminating guns as the solution, as much as Conservatives enjoy framing it that way.

It is about sensible regulation. Take automobiles, for example: The mortality rate in Automobile Accidents use to be ridiculous! So, the government did what it is designed to do, which is regulate things that present a public hazard. They required better seat belts and shoulder belts, required child seats and air bags, tougher standards on tires and breaking systems, stronger windshields and so on… and so on… They even required better Driver’s Education in schools and tougher Driver’s Tests and developed tough DUI Laws and much more… And today, the mortality rate in Auto Accidents is much, much better. What didn’t happen, was that they took all of our cars away. There are more cars on the road than ever. But even with more cars; driving is much safer, than ever before.

Common sense gun laws isn’t about blaming the gun and it isn’t about taking our guns away, it is about common sense regulation that will make the usage of guns, safer. For example: There are so many accidental deaths, each year, by kids and others who find guns. The proposal for the Gun Safety to become Finger print or thumb print activated is a great way to almost completely eliminate these types of accidental injuries and deaths, without limiting effective speed and functionality. Usage is as quick and functional as flipping a normal Gun Safety Switch. Once activated, it remains functional for the person you hand it or toss it to. Another example is the elimination of the ability for a person who is being investigated for Terrorism being able to buy an Assault Rifle that can be used as a weapon of mass destruction. Or the ability of people who have a history of violent mental illness from being able to purchase a gun, etc…

None of these proposals are designed or will result in taking any sane and law abiding citizen’s gun away and none of them blame the gun; but simply restrict access by people who should not have access. So, we should not allow ourselves to get caught up in the Conservative rhetoric, which accuses Liberals of trying to take away our right to bear arms. There is a Public Hazard, right now. The government’s job is to regulate that hazard away, as much as possible. And I agree that government can only do so much. But clearly it has an obligation to do something, the same way it did something by regulating Automobile Usage. Again, which did not result in taking away everyone’s car. The key is to recognize that almost none of life’s problems and solutions are as simple as either black or white. Most problems and their solutions can be found in shades of grey. In other words. It is not a mater of rather to regulate guns away or not to regulate them at all; it is a matter of finding the correct level of sensible regulation that makes us all safer, without tampering with the right of law abiding, mentally sane citizens to purchase and use firearms.

With all that said… It is our position (Unlimited Education) that although common sense Gun Legislation does make sense; we are fooling ourselves if we think that this legislation will be the absolute solution to gun violence in our society. The root cause of this violence is not the availability of guns, but is based in the moral fabric of our union. Place a table full of Assault Rifles in front of a moral person, with a strong value of life and everyone is safe. Place it in front of an immoral person, who does not value life and everyone is in danger. The guns are not the problem; but the morality and sense of values of many of the people who use them are the core problem.

Until we re-institute Morals, Values & Ethics Education back into our Public Schools, we will never be able to successfully change the violent culture in our society. The idea that violence is the solution to our problems is unconsciously ingrained into our psyche by unqualified parents, TV, Radio, Music, Internet and even within our schools, where our kids spend 6-10 hours per day, for 13 plus years of their lives. They grow up, run into adversity and are way too easily influenced into a life of crime, gangs, drug sales, violence and radical ideology, because their sense of morality and values is weak. And this is simply because the very basic morals, values and ethics that God Almighty intended to be the very basic foundation we build our relationships, businesses, communities, government and society on, are not being properly taught and reinforced within our families, schools and communities. And it is a difficult thing for us to admit, let alone work to change. Our moral foundation is weak and therefore, so is everything we have built upon it. Now, we must rebuild our moral foundation; which is difficult, because we have already built upon it. How difficult is it to repair a foundation that has a building sitting on it?

In summary: Take away guns? No. Sensible legislation? Yes. Buying into Gun Legislation as the ultimate solution? No. Morals, Values and Ethics Education as a solution? Yes.

D-Source (Unlimited Education)

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