10 Charts Show How ‘Racist’ America Really Is


Here are 10 charts that show how “racist” America really is.

#1 – Americans’ approval for interracial marriage over the decades


That chart is definitely going in the right direction.

#2 Broken down by demographic.


Southerners, lower educated, self-identified conservatives, and/or Republicans have around a 10%-15% higher statistical chance out of 100% of disapproving of interracial marriage. Every demographic has around 4/5 people agreeing with it in principle – or more.

#3 The actual practice of interracial marriage is also going up.


While the last stubborn vestiges of racism are yet to be wiped out from America completely (and it’s safe to say it will never be completely vanquished), America has made a lot of progress in terms of race relations.

#4 Slightly dated stats show how likely someone is to move if someone of a different race moved in nearby.


The trend line is pretty much down to low single-digits of this kind of staunch racial prejudice.

#5 What this looks like in a worldwide perspective


America is very tolerant in a global perspective.

#6 Blacks are more likely to think there is racial discrimination than whites, and both are split on how much.


The majority of blacks and whites believe there is some form of racial discrimination in America.

#7 Unemployment rates by race tend to fluctuate in parallel.

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 3.45.47 PM

What is interesting is that around 2004, Asians became less likely to be unemployed than whites. Another thing is that the rate maintains the same distance or even widens, despite public attitudes and racially significant behavior – suggesting exogenous variable(s) and not public attitudes is playing a role.

#8 Income and poverty rates by race tend to follow a similar trend.


A question that should be asked: Are the statistically better economic outcomes for whites and Asians due to them exploiting or discriminating against blacks (who have a relatively higher unemployment rate)? In other words, is the problem in poorer black communities free market “capitalism” or the need for more of it?

#9 Percentage of Americans willing to vote for a black president


#10 Blacks are more “racist” than whites


Really? No, not really. But those are the “hidden” findings of a sensationalistic AP-survey that tried to make it appear like Obama could lose the 2012 election because of overwhelming “implicit” racism. As you can see, 43% of blacks are supposedly “anti-black.”

So, is the goal of America to be color-blind, so that people are judged according to the “content of their character” or is it for the government to tilt the playing field for black Americans?

Because the argument by “progressives” is that government wealth redistribution is the necessary solution for “social justice.”

Yet, isn’t it the case that people of all races can create their own wealth, thereby “redistributing” it to themselves? If not, what’s really holding people back?

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  1. Lakesha Says:

    nice coiosrmapn It was just an overview, not gone to the finer details for both cities because I am quite lazy and do not travel much for recreation and about certain things I am unclear myself

  2. car insurance Says:

    uts, "So stop trying trying to lay some unique dysfunction on black folks.Whoever is at the bottom of the socio-economic ladder in the city is going have the preponderance of street criminals."One thing about UTS, right or wrong, he always covers for Blacks, no matter how immoral the act. By UT's logic, there is nothing to correct because things just aren't that bad in the hood. That vicious killing by those black teenagers is to be expected because of their socio-economic class. UTS, your thinking supports crime, immorality, and callousness. You are such a good thinker…lol

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