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First, I believe it is important to openly identify who I am. I am a Black, Liberal Leaning Independent, who believes Ideology is, in large part, ‘The Enemy’. I believe that viewing the world, life and even politics through one ideology is not only a mistake but dangerous. Nothing is as simple as either black or white. More often than not, the truth and the best solutions can be found in shades of grey. In most all cases, absolutes are wrong. Whenever we use the words and phrases everybody, every time, all, all the time, without exception, always, never and others…, we have limited our vision, closed our minds and effectively eliminated our abilities to think outside of the box. And thinking outside of the box is what America, supposedly, has always been about. I would argue that it is what has always made America great, keeping in mind that there are things that are not so great about this nation, as well. But my point is that no one side or one group of people has a monopoly on wisdom. It is rare that when two or more debate or argue a point, that one is all the way right and the other is all the way wrong. More often than not, one is more right than the other, but a little wrong and the other is more wrong, but a little right. But Ideology prevents either side from admitting and conceding that they are even slightly wrong or that the other is even slightly right. Thus, the gridlock we have had in Congress, lately. One or more of the parties has become way too idealistic; stuck in time and space, with a tunnel vision view of the world. And any facts that exist outside of your idealistic viewpoint, simply don’t exist.
So, what are the facts? The undisputed facts are that Unemployment is way down, Gas prices are down, inflation is in check, interest rates are down, taxes are as low as they have been since the 1950’s, Foreclosures are down, Real Estate Values are up, manufacturing is up, Banking Industry saved, recovered and strong, Auto Industry saved, recovered and strong, Stock Market up, two wars ended, the amount of Americans dying in wars are tremendously reduced to near zero, Supreme Court diversified, dependency on foreign oil down, renewable energy production up, deficit down, millions of previously uninsured men, women and children are insured and much of the discrimination removed out of Health Care. These are all positive facts and there are many other…

Now, out of fairness, there are some negative facts, as well… Wages are stagnant, US Debt is up and ridiculous, Health Care expenses have gone up for many and the Middle East does appear to be systematically falling apart. Out of fairness to ‘The Left’ (Democrats/Liberals), the facts are that while wages are stagnant, their attempts to raise the Minimum Wage have been blocked by ‘The Right’ (Republicans/Conservatives), the debt could not be reduced while trying to recover from a HUGE recession left over from a previous Republican Administration/Democratically controlled Congress. And it can be argued that it was a Republic President who was ill advised when he began the Iraq War, which led to a series of largely unavoidable events that have led us to where we are, today. Republicans argue against the ending of the Iraq War, of-course, which they believe exasperated the meltdown of the Middle East. Much of this is quite irrelevant to my point, but had to be said, so that no one can say I am biased with the facts.

But take note that the facts clearly and undeniably say that the United States is much, much better off today, than it was when Mr. Obama (Democrat/Liberal) first took office. At the same time, it is also very clear that there are some disturbing issues or problems that remain or have been the result of the Obama Presidency, i.e. Higher Health Care Costs for many, Stagnant Wages, the rise of ISIS, etc.

So, what is my point? My point is that the person who is Idealistic will say that either Mr. Obama has been the absolute worse President ever or the absolute Greatest ever. But either one would be ignoring at-least some of the facts. In my humble opinion, based on the facts and not Ideology, it seems to be clear that Mr. Obama, under the circumstances of the enormity of the problems he has had to address and chose to address, along with the political climate he has been forced to endure, has done a very good job as President, but also has a short list of failures, some of which could be debated as major. This is, in my opinion, a perfectly reasonable assessment, based on the facts; but will not please the ideologist from either the left or the right. The one from the left will reject any possibility that this President has done anything wrong, despite any facts to the contrary and the one from the right will reject that he has done anything right, despite any of the facts to the contrary.

So, the approach that makes sense, to the reasonable minded, would seem to be a balanced approach that continues the policies that have clearly worked to improve and stabilize our economy and keep our nation relatively safe, while reducing the amount of young American Deaths. It would also seem that we need to implement policies that will serve to reduce the ridiculous American Debt, that will serve to push wages up and reduce Health Care Costs for all, while moving forward with destroying ISIS and other Terrorist Groups, without regressing morally.
The problem is Ideology. Those who are entrenched within their respective ideologies are unable to see how reasonable this approach is. An approach that encompasses the best ideas that both sides (The Left and Right) have to offer… The idea that our Constitutional Democracy was founded on, i.e. ‘Compromise’, has been forsaken for the idea that one size must fit all… an idea that says the truth is as simple as either black or white and that forsakes the grey. And as Ideology grows in America, so does the divide. Unfortunately, “Together we stand and divided, we fall”.

In this Presidential Election, it seems to be a battle of the Extremes. The Extreme Left vs. the Extreme Right. And the only moderate voices seem to be Hillary Clinton, from ‘The Left’ and John Kasich, from the right, who seems to have little or no chance. Out of those who still have a chance, we are looking at two out of the three being extreme voices. One moving us toward Socialism and the other towards Protectionism.

The one I fear the most is the Extreme to the right, which I would like to address in this article. The most extreme idealistic view that is being represented is that of Mr. Trump, who feels that we need to build a wall between the US and our good friends, the Mexicans, who he insists that he will make pay for it and that we need to temporarily ban Muslims from entering the US and step up patrols within Muslim Neighborhoods. He also says that we need to be charging the Japanese for the protection we offer them and also the South Koreans. This is all in line with Republican strategies that have been implemented in Republican communities across this nation, already, i.e. requiring Police Officers to stop and detain those who appear to be immigrants and who look suspicious, forcing them to prove they are in the US legally (Arizona).  In other words, walking up to people and saying “Let me see your papers…”

All of this sounds amazingly Fascist, to me. It all reminds me of old Nazi Germany, which began the same way. First, a growing disenfranchisement of the Jews, which mirrors the growing disenfranchisement of the Latinos and Muslims in the United States. Then, a strong Leader stood up and put into words, what many of the people of that nation were feeling, but not saying (Hitler). And he got elected. Slowly, policies began to get implemented that required Officers to stop, detain and prove that they were legally residing and working in Germany. Sound familiar? This, slowly, led to the rounding up and shipping out of Jews to other nations. Does this remind anyone of the rhetoric we are hearing from Republican Candidates? Of-course, before long, they were no longer being shipped to other countries, but being shipped to Concentration Camps and thrown into Gas Chambers.

What was Hitler’s rhetoric? “We need a strong Germany! Other nations will capitulate to our will!” Does this rhetoric sound amazingly similar to what we hear from our primary Republican Candidate, today? The religious division that exists in the Middle East is the same type of religious division Mr. Trump seems to be promoting within our own nation. Suddenly, we are talking about banning Muslims, investigating them more, patrolling and profiling them more. And along with this religious division, we are starting to ask Immigrants for their papers and talking about rounding them up and shipping them out, as we build walls around our nation, like the Great Walls that divide other nations, leading to miss-trust. We are talking about no longer protecting our allies, unless they pay us and so on and so on….

What Mr. Trump is talking about is an ideology of Separatism. An ideology that says if you are not Christian, White, born in our nation, living in our nation, then you are not our friends and you are not welcome and our help will come with a price. He is talking about Fascism. And what will be next? Who do we want to be; another Nazi Germany?

Think about it…




 President Obama speaks to new American Citizens…

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