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I am Founder of ‘Unlimited Education’ and we believe that Morals, Values & Ethics are at the core of every social & economic challenge we face in the entire world.
Unlimited Education’s definition of ‘Values’ is: The worth of things; what is important and what should take priority over what.
With most any issue we face in this nation, what we choose to focus our attention and resources on is what we choose to prioritize. It is what we decide is most important. It is what we value as the solution.
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Gun Violence:
We focus on the gun as the problem and the removal of guns as the solution to Gun Violence. But blaming the gun for Gun Violence is just like blaming the pencil for Dear John Letters. Did the pencil write the letter or was the pencil just a tool that was used by a person? And was it the gun that committed the murder or was the pencil just a tool that a person who wanted to kill used?
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There has never been a gun that picked itself up, pointed itself at someone and pulled it’s own trigger. Guns aren’t that smart and they have no emotion; therefore, they don’t get angry and have no fear. The Gun can be used for either good or evil, depending on the user. It can be used to protect and defend or even for entertainment. Unfortunately, it can also be used to murder. But clearly, it is the user who is to blame, either way.
Gun Laws:
Now, I am definitely for sensible Gun Laws. Just because I don’t believe the ‘Gun’ is at the heart of senseless murder; it definitely doesn’t make sense to make it as easy as possible for those who would commit murder to be able to easily obtain a murder weapon. But if we think that Gun Control, by itself, will ever be the key to reducing murder, in this country, we are fooling ourselves. Look at Chicago, which is in a state with some of the toughest gun laws in America… Murder is rampant!
Supporters of Gun Control point at countries with very low and almost nonexistent murder rates, after Gun Control. But after careful study, over a period of several years, we have concluded that we need to examine which came first; ‘The Chicken’ or ‘The Egg’? Did murder rates go down because of Gun Control or did a reduction in the want and desire that people of these nations had to commit murder lead to them deciding to get rid of guns?
The answer, is the later. If someone has the want and desire to kill; you can’t stop them. Gun laws requiring wait time has no impact, because no one wants to buy a legal gun to commit a murder with, anyway. And no matter how hard you try, you will never be able to remove every gun. And a killer won’t stop until he finds one. There will always be one available on the Black Market. And even if I can’t find a gun, for some outlandish reason, there are no shortage of ways to murder. There are Baseball Bats, Hammers, Knives, Poisons, Murder for Hire, etc. But on the flip side, a person who has no want and desire to murder, can sit down at a table full of Automatic Weapons and have no desire to kill anyone.
Guns in our society:
What is my point? As long as people are afraid that someone might kill them; they will want a gun to protect themselves and their families. And as long as people have wants and desires to kill, they will want guns, which are the easiest and most effective ways to kill. You can’t remove the guns, because people want them and people want them because there are people who want to kill. Either you want the gun to kill or to protect from the killers; but either way, you can’t remove what people in a nation of the people, for the people and by the people, don’t want removed.
So, how did these nations with low Murder Rates get rid of guns. There was, first, a national movement against killing, which lead to an educational effort in schools (Morals, Values & Ethics Education), more commonly called Character Education, where kids were educated that killing should be unthinkable. That simple. As these kids became adults, none of them had a want and desire to kill and none of them were afraid of being killed, because no one had a want and desire to kill. Therefore, what was the need for guns, which make it easy for the very few who want to kill, to kill? It became easy to get rid of the guns, to make it more difficult for the very few who wanted to kill, to kill.
Gun Control or Education: 
So, it is a matter of what comes first, ‘The Chicken’ or ‘The Egg’. And which one do we poor all of our time and other resources in? Do we ‘Value’ removal of the Gun as the solution or do we ‘Value’ removal of the want and desire that people have to kill as the solution? If we remove the guns, will the want and desire to kill remove itself? Or will a focus on education, from birth, that removes the want and desire that people have to kill, finally cause them to see less of a need, want and desire for guns?
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Now, clearly, Morals, Values and Ethics Education are at the core of the solution I would offer. And that same education will also lead to the Public Activism, Community Service and Political Participation required to change laws, as well as social and economic conditions that negatively impact certain groups of people who live in environments conducive to drugs, alcohol, gangs, crime and violence. A consistently moral society with proper values is an Ethical Society where The People, Politicians, Law Enforcement, The Justice System, The Church and even the Business all does the right thing, at all times. And if everyone (The Rich, Poor, Politicians, Blacks, Whites, Hispanics, etc.) simply did what was right and simple treated each other right, what problems would we have? What disagreements would we have? And who would be hungry? You see, a Moral Society is a Happy Society.
So, when it comes to reducing the senseless murder; we need to begin with assessing our Values. What is the value of life and how much emphasis should we place on the Value of Life as education for our children? Or should we place all our resources on an effort to eliminate guns, which aren’t going anywhere. Not in this nation… They are written into the Constitution, which there is no appetite to re-write.
~D-Source (Unlimited Education Philosophy)~

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