Black on Black Violence/Creating our own Misery

D-Source 01/21/2016

I made a statement on Sunday’s (01/10/16) ‘Let’s Change the WORLD’ Talk Radio Show that a caller questioned. I said that if we could, magically, get all Black People to stop killing each other, it would eliminate 80% of our misery… What I acutally meant was that we are the cause of probably 80% of our own misery and if we could, magically, improve the moral fabric in the Black Community, to include eliminating the senseless murder, we could eliminate that misery. Here’s how I arrive at this seemingly ridiculous percentage

On average, over 4,000 young Black Men are killed each year and over 6,000 in some years. That’s a couple thousand more murders, in just one year, than all black people lynched by white people from 1882 to 1968.

Black People make up 13% of the US Population, but have committed half the homicides over the last 30 years. And 97% of all those homicides have been of other Black People.

At the rate that Police kill Black People each year, it would take 40 years for them to kill as many Black People, as Black People kill each other, in just one year.

Now, the over 4,000 young, Black Men murdered, are killed by a minimum of 4,000 other Black Men. So, that’s a minimum of 8,000 young, Black Men either dead or incarcerated, each year.

Now, let’s add in the countless mothers, fathers, siblings, spouses, girl friends and other close friends and relatives who are stricken with grief, depression, anger, bitterness many of whom turn to drugs, alcohol and even revenge or suicide. The result is often unproductivity, loss of wages, loss of jobs, over eating and declining health, which can lead to more financial devastation. The result is often dysfunction in families and households, DUI’s, Drug Addiction, more death and more murder.

Families are financially devastated by funeral bills, Attorney and Court Fees trying to prosecute Murders and trying to keep family members out of Prison and off Death Row.

The result in these violent communities is also the Elderly being afraid to walk to the corner store. Those with money (White People and affluent Black People) move their families and businesses out of these communities and leave the poor people, who are most always the Blacks and Latinos, with few available jobs. Property Values take a nose dive, so property owners lose equity and can’t refinance, sell their homes or get Home Improvement Loans to fix the raggedy back porch or the leaky roof; so the community becomes run down as money becomes more and more scarce and crime, drug sales and gang violence begins to rise even more. The result is more rape, more robbery, more assault, more addiction, more unproductivity, property values sink even more and even more businesses move out, meaning even less jobs and even more poverty, perpetuating more crime….

The seemingly most obvious solution for these communities is more Police, who are so afraid, they become trigger happy, as they lock up more young, Black Men, as the War on Drugs continues. And the nearly 1 million black people incarcerated, as a result of their own Black-on-Black Crime and Violence destroys even more lives. Teen Pregnancy rises and more Black Children are reared without fathers, which perpetuates more dysfunction within our community.

We, then, blame all of this on the White Man… After all, he put these guns in our communities, which we choose to kill each other with and he put these drugs in our communities, which we choose to sell to our brothers and sisters and it is them who refuse to locate their businesses in our violent, drug infested, run down communities and offer us well paying jobs. And the most vital thing we can do is to make sure that we understand how much to blame they are for the misery we cause ourselves… lol

Being sarcastic, of-course. smile emoticon

The real Solution?

We stop robbing, killing, raping and assaulting each other. We start fathering our children. We take pride in our communities and participate in the political process so that we elect local and national Public Officials who look out for our best interest and so that we use our political power and considerable economic might to demand our fair share of public resources, like money for better schools, infrastructure and control of the curriculum in our community schools, etc. Better Entrepreneurship education programs and financing options, as well…

‘Unlimited Education’ is the solution…

To sum it all up:

Our work and research has proven the correlation between Good Morals, Values & Ethics and the Reduction of Crime; Violence; Drugs; Better Education; Lower Dropout Rates; Higher H.S Graduation Rates; Higher College Entry & Graduation Rates; leading to a Higher Quality and More Productive Workforce in communities and Higher Wages for the residents; leading to Lower Divorce Rates. Also, Lower Teen Pregnancy Rates; leading to Less Single Parent Households, which is also due to a stronger since of Morality and Values. Benefits include, Cleaner, Safer and Nicer Neighborhoods and Higher Property Values. All of these benefits combined, generate the positive statistics that Businesses look for when deciding where to locate, re-locate and expand. (JOBS)

(‘Unlimited Education’ Philosophy)

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