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D-Source (Philosophy) 10/07/2015

It is important to note that, according to Christian Beliefs, man is made in the image of God, which has a threefold nature, i.e. The Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost. The ‘Threefold Nature of Man’ is The Body, the Soul and the Spirit.

The Body: Also known as ‘The Flesh’, is nothing more than a temporary shell that will die, rot and wither away, in due time. The body lives, but is flawed, due to its petty lusts, desires, its dependency on Material things, its prejudices and so on… The Flesh is easily tempted, is unruly and sinful. It is prone to all manner of evil and unsavory acts. 

The Soul: Which has established residency in these temporary shells, is the seat for our intellect, emotions, affections, our reasoning and morality. It is also the dominion of the Devil. It is where he works to turn our souls toward the Flesh and away from the spirit.

The Spirit: Has no flesh that can be tempted by fleshly lusts, desires, etc. It is unconcerned with petty, Fleshly prejudices and other Earthly and Worldly Matters. It is only concerned with Spiritual Matters. It is connected only to the Spirit World and God, until it has been regenerated. The Reborn Christian worships God (The Spirit, not a picture on the wall). Meaning you have been reborn in Christ. Until you are reborn, the Spirit is dead; but is regenerated, once you are saved (Reborn in Christ). The Holy Spirit of God (Which is like an antenna) sets up residency in your Reborn Spirit so that the Wisdom of God can flow through the Holy Spirit and regenerate your Spirit. The door also begins to open between your Spirit and your Soul, so that the battle for control of your soul can begin. And the battle is being won by the Spirit of God when your soul turns toward Spiritual Things (Godly Matters) and away from Earthly and Fleshly Things (Earthly and Fleshly Matters) which is where the Devil and his Demons fight to turn your Soul toward.

What does all this have to do with the picture and story below? Well, many of those who have not been reborn find it difficult to understand the concept that the Body is only a temporary shell of residence for the Soul and the Spirit, which are two thirds of who a man is. The question is, rather you will let your Body rule your Soul or will you let your Spirit rule your Soul? Will you concern yourself with Spiritual Matters that have true meaning and lasting impact or with petty, fleshly matters that are vein and temporary?

Those of us who are Reborn, have access to a certain level of Wisdom from God Almighty, himself. How much wisdom we have access to is based on the extent of our faith and obedience to God, through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And that wisdom tells us that the Body is of little importance in the big scheme of things. It is just a temporary shell. So, why are we so concerned about the color of the skin that decorates these temporary houses? Does it make since for me to judge my neighbor by the color of the house he resides in? Of-course not… What since does it make to look at all houses painted white and say the people who live in them are bad?

Below, is a story of a man whose Flesh is White. But this adjective is, quite frankly, beside the point. The point is that his Soul was not ruled by his Flesh. He was willing to sacrifice his Flesh for the things that are more important than our petty Earthly and Fleshly squabbles over the color of the houses that people (Souls) live in… Many of us look at this picture and see a White Man who did something extraordinary. I see an extraordinary Soul who resides in a White House. And I don’t care what color his house is; I love his Soul!

There is only one race of people: The Human Race


Why is this white man relevant to Black History? He was one of the Freedom Riders. In 1960, he was on a bus full of Freedom Riders who arrived in Montgomery, Alabama where an angry white mob was waiting for them. He volunteered to get off the bus first and take the brunt of the mob’s violence, which left him beaten and bloody. His name was James Zwerg.

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