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D-Source 02-23-2015

People tend to want simple answers and solutions to life’s questions and problems. We want everything to be clear or cut and dry or as simple as either black or white. But answers and solutions in life just aren’t that simple most of the time. There is way too much grey…

For example, some will say it is wrong to ever tell a lie. But if a little girl, who has low self-esteem and whose hair looks terrible and whose face is dirty and whose dress is horrible, asks you if she looks pretty; do you lie and say yes, so that you help improve her self esteem or do you tell the truth and make her cry? And is the person who lied such a terrible person? Or is the person who told the truth an a** hole?

Now, some will point out that the lie is a sin. My response is that there is forgiveness for sin. But which is more difficult for God to forgive; telling a lie to make a little girl smile or telling the truth and making her cry, delivering another blow to her self-esteem?

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