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D-Source 09/17/2014


Kudos to President Obama’s Foreign Policy. Look, Republicans beat the war drums and went into Iraq, in the first place. And for what turns out to be no good reason. Now that they (Republicans) have successfully destabilized the region and gotten thousands of our young people killed and maimed and now that even more people around the world hate the United States, they are condemning President Obama for pulling our ground troops out of the region.

They point at ISIS (ISO), which is the Terrorist Organization that has been beheading Americans and say “See, President Obama is week and look at how the world is falling apart because of it”. There argument is that we should have left 100,000 plus ground troops in Iraq, so that thousands more of our young people could continue to die and get maimed and by doing so, we wouldn’t be seeing 1 or 2 Americans being beheaded by this group on YouTube right now.

Personally, I don’t see the return on our investment there. Over 100,000 ground troops, on an open ended and seemingly endless mission, costing hundreds and hundreds of millions or even billions of dollars trying to keep different religious, ethnic and national groups who have been warring since the beginning of modern civilization from continuing to fight; all in an effort to keep 1 or 2 Americans, who chose to go into a dangerous area from getting killed.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m angry about Americans being beheaded, too. But thank God we don’t have a Knee Jerk Reacting President like George Bush II, who would have already sent thousands of our young men and women to their deaths by now. And what would the political ramifications of US Troops occupying another nation? Surely, ISIS and other organizations would use this to fuel more American Hate. Thank God we have a calm, rational and thinking President, who is taking his time to figure out the long term causes, effects and consequences of our actions, before taking them. We all know what happened the last time we rushed to war in Iraq.

I commend President Obama for doing his best to seek diplomatic solutions to the world’s problems, in conjunction with building international coalitions, so that the US doesn’t continue to carry the brunt of every burden (Financial and loss of life), as well as the brunt of the hatred for what other groups are likely to perceive as US Imperialism and butting in. The result of our involvement is often Humanitarian Problems we have to spend millions to repair and additional destabilization that we end up accepting all the blame for.

I like the idea of other nations sharing in the cost of and responsibility for the results of our involvement in these conflicts that clearly don’t pose an immediate danger to the homeland. They are important to address before they do, of-course; but, unlike Bush Jr., Mr. Obama is not addressing them as if they are an imminent attack on Pearl Harbor. Why does war, the thousands of lost lives and life impacting injuries, as well as the millions or even billions of dollars spent, always have to be the answer? Why do Republicans always have to beat the War Drums?

I think Mr. Obama is taking a rational, coalition building, diplomatic approach, utilizing every tool we have, including Economic Sanctions and Air Power to deal with problems around the world without the senseless loss of life and at a significantly reduced financial cost, as well as significantly reduced anger toward America. If left to the Republicans, we would have troops in the Ukraine, Iraq and Syria right now. We’d be on the verge of war with Russia, who is an Allie of China. That’s right, we are talking about a possible escalation to World War III.

Now, Republicans are screaming about President Obama being weak. But I am here to encourage as many people as possible to keep their emotions in check. We are all angered about recent events, but we must follow our Commander and Chief’s Lead. We elected him on his promise to protect America, but also on his promise to do his best to end the bloody wars. So far, he has done just what he promised to. Let us not forget what we elected him to do. And regardless of how much of a mess things look around the world, we should not forget that none of it is impacting us here, in our nation, today. We must, at some point, begin to put our urge to be the World Police in check. Yes, we have some responsibility, but we must begin to carefully weigh the cost vs. the benefit of different levels of involvement in some of these crisis that are happening all the way across the planet.


Look, we Americans don’t understand why people hate us. We really don’t. We know we aren’t perfect and we know we haven’t done everything right; but our intentions are always good, for whatever that is worth. The USA is full of mostly good hearted people who will give the shirt off of their backs to help someone else. Whenever their is a Natural Disaster of any kind, who is the first nation to show up with the most money to help and our businesses send equipment and people and multitudes of US Volunteers show up to assist. When their is a cry out for freedom, we here those cries and we want to help. So, we often stick our nose in where we shouldn’t. But not to mess things up, as we often do; but to help. Our intentions are always to help; but we make mistakes.

The American People hate no one. We plot against no one. We don’t openly or secretly plot on the demise of any nation or any organization of good people, with good intentions. But, in our view, good people don’t purposely bomb and execute innocent men, women and children, solely for the purpose of terrorizing. And they certainly don’t post such atrocities on YouTube.

If you are angry at the American People; I can assure you that we are a reasonable people. You would do better with a YouTube Campaign that offers dialogue or commentary on what we have done or continue to do that offends you or hurts you in some way. Because I can assure you that very few Americans know. We simply don’t have a clue. If the American People were offered reasons for your hate against us and we could see where maybe we have done or are currently doing you some wrong; we, the people of the USA, are reasonable and sensible people. We are also a people with a big heart. We will unite, in your behalf and protest, boycott, petition, march and vote to force our own government to rectify the wrong we have done you and even make amends for it, if that is what is right.

But we do not know all the facts of why you hate us. All we see is videos of you cutting off heads of our innocent citizens, who we are sure never deserved to die and all we see are the devastated families and children. All we see are innocent people being killed and maimed. We see no reasonable explanation for murder and terrorism. Simple commentary with factual information on dates and events where we have wronged you, so that we can see the error of our ways would be an infinitely more effective strategy to get what you want.

The United States’ policies can only be changed by the mechanics laid out in the Constitution. This is something that I think many people around the world don’t understand. By the nature of how our nation works, change cannot be brought about by outside force or terror; but by the unity of the American People, who you have convinced to take up your cause. We will not be convinced to take up your cause by murdering us.

The solution is Political, not Terrorism. Terrorism will never work, in the end. All it will ever do is anger the American People, because we will never put up with what we see as the senseless murder of our good people. What nation would ever put up with that? It is a flawed approach, if you are interested in being successful. We have an overpowering military and the more angry we get, the more intent we will become on crushing your efforts. This is nothing more than more bloodshed on both sides, with no progress for you. The end result is simply more hate, violence, death and evil.

We don’t hate people of any peaceful race, nationality, religion or organization. We believe all should have a right to co-exist, live and worship how they please. It is how we live in the US. We are a nation of people from many races, regions of the world, ethnic backgrounds and people of many religions and faiths, who all live together, without infringing on one another. Not perfectly, but better and better with each passing year. And I, personally, have friends, live around and do business with people of many races and who worship in many different religions. We all get along and we all love and respect each other.

This is the beauty of our nation. With all it’s flaws… and we are aware we have our share of flaws; every day life is filled with peaceful interactions with people who have a different perspective than ourselves, which allows us all to grow, learn and develop a mutual understanding, respect and love for those who are different than we are. And thus, most Americans have learned that different is not necessarily evil or bad; it is just different. And we have learned to focus more on what we have in common, than on our differences. And we have found that most all people have many of the same things in common. We all want peace, prosperity and a bright future for our children. We all want clean, safe and friendly neighborhoods. So, on the basis of what we have in common, we have all learned to work, do business and even play together.

We have Freedom of Speech, so that no one’s ideas can be stifled and we have a free Press, which makes it hard for our government to hide the truth. Sometimes it does, as no government is perfect; but when we find out our government has acted in ways that are against our morals and values, we have a Constitution that allows the people of our nation to change things.

The American People will listen to any grievance, from anyone and we will fix what is wrong. But we will also defend our peaceful citizens, relentlessly. Now, I ask…. what is in your best interest; war with a Super Power or dialogue with the American People, teaching us what we have done and what we currently do to offend you and enlisting our support, instead of our condemnation?

We are a nation of Morals and if we can see the error of our ways, we will change our ways. But if you murder us, for seemingly no reason; we will become determined to destroy you! What choice do we have?

We invite anyone who would like to share with the American People their views on why the West or the USA are hated and on who we have wronged and on how we have wronged them.


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