Michael Brown’s Death Should Be More than a Media Moment…

D-Source (Philosophy) 08/25/2014

This will be long…. But few things with real meaning can be said in few words. Our society has become accustomed to short and catchy statements that say little, but sound great. I am a Philosopher. What I have to say takes time to read and time to listen to. Those who don’t have time for wisdom are welcome to skip this one. But those who have time; will take time…

Concerning the Michael Brown Case…

The Michael Brown Shooting Case appears to be a symptom of the much bigger problem of Mass Incarceration. It appears that this may have been a case of Profiling, which, rather it be racial or otherwise, is a product of the War on Drugs. And this has been one of the leading contributors to the mass incarceration of young, black men.

Based on years of research, I don’t believe that the War on Drugs was intended to oppress Black People, as many Black People think. I believe it was a politically motivated decision to appear tough on drugs, by making an honest effort to end the violence that is most often the result of Illegal Drug Sales and Abuse. The American People, of the time, wanted to see the senseless violence on their city streets end. The Reagan Administration (Republicans) of the early 1980’s did what they often tend to do, which is over simplify the problem and its solution. They reasoned that a person need only say no to drugs and therefore, not run the risk of getting addicted, in the first place; thereby, solving the violence problem by eliminating the drug equation. The phrase that Nancy Reagan made popular, at the time, was “Just say NO”. Now, anyone who has ever lived life as an inner city, young person, especially a minority and certainly anyone who has ever actually been addicted to drugs knows that Drug Abuse, Sales and the resulting Violence is quite a bit more complex than just saying “NO”.

But the going theme of the time was that all you have to do is just say “NO” and if you can’t just say no, then you simply don’t want to just say no, which makes you a criminal, who needs to be incarcerated, before you drag down everyone else in the community. So, you see, this War on Drugs was not born out of Racism, but out of a politically motivated attempt to end violence, by attacking Drugs. And the Republican view, based on an uneducated perspective, was that anyone who is on drugs, has simply made a choice to be on drugs, thereby making a choice to be a Criminal. It had nothing to do with Black or White. However, by default, this position impacted the Black and Hispanic Communities most, because it was these communities that had the biggest drug problems. And once the War on Drugs began and everyone saw that it was mostly inner city Blacks and Hispanics being arrested, the Media became the perpetuator of the Big Lie, which is that Black People are mostly violent Drug Addicts and Gang Members. Unfortunately, it was a lie that was easy to believe by the Caucasians who had left the inner cities and who were, now, temporarily isolated from the Crime and Violence that plagued the inner cities, which is where large populations of Blacks and Hispanics were left.

It took decades to realize that Blacks and Hispanics aren’t simply predestined to be Drug Addicts and Gang Bangers. Recently, more and more enlightened Blacks, Hispanics, Caucasians and people of all races are realizing that the Drug and Violence Problems that Blacks and Hispanics suffer within the inner cities were born from the social and economic conditions and mentalities that were a result of centuries of slavery, oppression and injustice. These social and economic conditions and mentalities, as well as the injustices were exasperated by the flight of the Caucasian, who had the majority of the economic wealth, out of the cities and into the suburbs, leaving the Minorities in an even worse economic state. And of-course, these deep seeded problems required a much more comprehensive approach than “Just say No” to solve.

So, now that we know that the problem requires a more comprehensive solution; the question becomes, what is that solution? Well, let’s look at Ferguson, Missouri.

The town itself is mostly Black, but the Police Force and government is mostly white. Now, the Black People of that town, until now, have simply accepted that this is the way it has to be. But by accepting that this is the way it has to be, they have given people who have no idea what it is like to be Black, the authority to make all the laws, enforce all the laws and to administer all the laws. Even the Justice System is run by people who know nothing about what it is like to be Black. Now, before White People say I’m preaching Racism; keep in mind that Black People don’t know anything about what it is like to be White either. There is nothing racial about it. It is; what it is…. Does a man know anything about what it is like to be a woman or vise-versa? Of-course not. What happens when all men run a company? You know what happens; the women get the shaft… Not because they want to treat them unfairly; it is simply that women have a unique set of issues and challenges that men don’t have to face. And the one thing about being Human we can all count on, is that we have a terrible ability to understand anything we don’t experience for ourselves. How can a man who has never tried drugs, let alone been addicted, understand a Drug Addict? And how can a Caucasian Police Officer understand what it is like to be Racially Profiled, when he has never been racially profiled?

So, it is important that a company have its fair share of women in Decision Making Positions, so that women are taken into consideration when decisions are made. And it is important that government have a fair share of Minorities, so that the minorities are taken into consideration when laws are made. And a fair share of minorities on the Police Force, so that Enforcers of the law, understand the people who they are protecting and serving. If one of the Officers who stopped Michael Brown was Black, maybe when the Caucasian Officer says “Hey, these kids need to get out of the street”; the Black Officer says, “Lighten up man… I use to walk in the street. There is no traffic and they aren’t hurting anything. They’ll be where they are going in a minute. Let’s search for some real crime…” And just maybe, this kid would be alive, today. Um just sayin’…

Diversity within the Police Forces of American should also lead to and correspond with Diversity Training, so that Police Officers of all races are more familiar with the Customs, Courtesies and Ideologies of people from all races, nationalities and ethnic backgrounds who reside in the communities they serve and protect. They need better training on how to deal with people from different Economic Classes within their communities and how to deal with Urban, Suburban or Rual Dwellers, depending on where they serve and protect. Officers need better training in how to recognize Mental Illness and how to deal with mentally challenged individuals, as well. Police Officers seem under equipped to deal with the diversity of people within their own communities and this must change.

I know, the question, then, becomes, how do we affect this kind of change? It begins with Morals, Values and Ethics Education. Minorities must be educated on the ‘Value’ of understanding and participating in the Political Process. They must be encouraged to vote and not only that, but to run for Political Office. They must be encouraged to not only learn Auto Body, Auto Mechanics and how to Weld, but to learn Engineering, Political Science, Business, Engineering, Medicine and Law, as well. And they need to be taught that their voices do count and that they do matter and that they can make change happen! They need to be taught that in a nation of the people, by the people and for the people, it takes unity of the people to make positive change happen. Blacks and Minorities must be taught that they are not second class citizens, but American Citizens. This is your country! You were born here and you are likely to die here and the brief time you have between your life and your death is your opportunity to make a meaningful difference! Don’t just sit there and be victims! Stand up and control your destiny!

No, you are not better than anyone and no one is better than you! We simply need to make a commitment to be somebody! Who to be? Be a Police Officer. Be a Doctor; be a Lawyer, be a City Councilman, be a Mayor, be an Activist, be a Business Owner or a Pastor. Be somebody who makes a difference in your community and speak up, let your voice be heard and make sure that the laws that are passed have taken you into consideration!

Don’t just wish for the change…. But pray for the change! And not only that; but work for the change and be the change! And whatever you do, don’t forget that Education is the ‘Change’. Not just education on the traditional subjects of Math, English, Science and the like, but Education on who to be and how to be when you are pulled over, based on the knowledge that you are perceived differently, if you are a minority. Also, education on how the political process works and education on how to participate in the political process and education on the value of participating in that process, so that everyone begins to get it.

And please, don’t buy into the old and tired ideology that many Black People have, which says we cannot effect the positive change that is needed; which is an ideology absent of Hope. It is an ideology that says we have no control over the fate of this nation. And it is an ideology we must reject, as easy as it is to accept. And if we are, in fact, out of control, it is because we fail to take control. I’m talking about the control our founding document has given us. This is or is suppose to be a nation of the people. Let the people take control…. And yes, we are all the people. Not just the Caucasian People and not just the Black People, but also the Chinese People and the Hispanic People and all American People…

Change can only happen, if everyone participates, unites and demands the change that is needed. There is no other way. And until we do; this incident in time will die just like all the rest, including the Trayvon Martin Case. Yes, the media coverage will die down and we will all forget, until the next nationally televised tragedy, when a group of minorities will, once again, unite in their anger and destroy their own community, for a brief Media Blitz that will die down again. And then, again and then, again; just like the last time and the time before and the time before…

Don’t just sit there…. Do something! Join the movement and “Let’s Change the WORLD!

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