Gordon Parks… ‘Colored Entrance’

BLACK HISTORY PHOTO OF THE DAY: This photo of a finely dressed black mother and daughter — standing below a “Colored Entrance” sign at a bus station in Birmingham, Alabama, in 1956 — was taken by Gordon Parks, one of the seminal figures of twentieth century photography. A humanitarian with a deep commitment to social justice, Parks left behind a body of work that documents race relations, poverty, civil rights and urban life.
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  1. DSource4U Says:

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    Kathryn Malone Rizzo Hard to fathom what this represented.
    May 28 at 8:00am · Like · 2

    Michelle A. Downer How elegant….today, it would be no signs, nut they would b in jeans n greyscale shorter shorts….
    May 28 at 8:39am · Like

    Omy MoneyMajor Watkins Remember
    May 28 at 9:26am · Like

    Justice Morrow Ppl ignorant
    May 28 at 9:27am · Like

    Brenda Snowden Rocky is a fool. Smh
    May 28 at 12:25pm · Like · 1

    Hernesha Mcghee Trotter Joyce Newton better known as mommy! I’m sorry u had to go through this! But I’m blessed that u did to make a better future for us and your grand babies! All of you who endured this kind of pain I SALUTE U! Thanx for making a DIFFERENCE!
    May 28 at 1:01pm · Like · 6

    Hernesha Mcghee Trotter Brenda Snowden Rockys a RACIST!
    May 28 at 1:01pm · Like

    Marcella Ashe She and daughter do eloquently dressed …no excuse for this kind of abuse…but the legacy will stay with us.
    May 28 at 1:50pm · Like · 1

    Rosalind Mitchell Not that long ago!
    May 28 at 2:16pm · Like

    Cynthia Markus I have seen this photo many times before. Such a lovely woman and daughter. I’m always struck by the ridiculous unfairness of it all.
    May 28 at 2:37pm · Like · 7

    Don Penland So eloquent and beautiful minus the sign above.
    May 28 at 3:56pm · Like · 6

    Cherri Scoville God forgive all those who were ignorant and treated others with hate!!!
    May 28 at 4:20pm · Like · 6

    Shannon Lee Elghandor We have accomplished much in america thanks to those who didn’t lose heart and fought for their rights and those of others. But this was just the beginning for the world at large. Places where women are treated like property and slavery still exists un…See More
    May 28 at 5:51pm · Like · 5

    Lottie Smith Kimberly Sue Grillo-Pagano you would have been bitch slapping a whole lot of white people. Hey, what didn’t kill us made us stronger. Like Dust we Rise.
    May 28 at 6:53pm · Like · 2

    Linda Chetwynd Quinn These are the people that fought the fight and deserve our respect…too bad the younger generation doesn’t truly see what these people sacrificed for THEIR freedom!
    May 28 at 7:46pm · Like · 7

    Cynthia Ford Clark Yes, I remember those days! We made it better, but you have leaders trying to go back! Vote
    May 28 at 7:53pm · Like · 6

    Heidi Redd They looked so fabulous under there unfair life style. ..but.. By the grace of God!!
    May 28 at 9:03pm · Like · 4

    Erlene Curtis I remember those days also
    May 28 at 9:24pm · Like

    Gloria Hill Was there.it wasn’t nice…….
    May 28 at 10:12pm · Like

    Henrietta Holtshirley I don’t like to look back but history is sometimes an ugly reflection of what was…
    May 28 at 11:16pm · Like · 3

    Helen Barnett Those days blacks got different birth certificate COLORED or NEGRO !!!
    May 29 at 2:16am · Like · 1

    Brenda Krupa Dressed so beautifully. No one dresses like that anymore.
    May 29 at 3:35am · Like · 8

    Brenda Krupa Horrid sign!!
    May 29 at 3:36am · Like · 2

    Ann Appa So sad
    May 29 at 6:09am · Like · 1

    Courtney Hall Beautiful ppl aren’t they
    May 29 at 6:46am · Like

    Gerald Turner Jr. That woman has pride and class and I think it’s amazing screw the sign Olivia NodandSmile Ricketts Hannah Michelle Patric Bentlee
    May 29 at 7:30am · Like · 4

    Richard Miller I don’t know what happened to our society. A female wasn’t allowed to come in my great-grandmother’s house if she didn’t have on a dress or skirt. All the girls that lived next door to me weren’t allowed to wear pants. Now females want to walk around half naked and wonder why they’re being disrespected. If you respect yourself so will others.
    May 29 at 8:41am · Like · 11

    Richard Miller Yeah f the sign. We should know about it and teach about things like that. …but we have to keep moving on.
    May 29 at 8:43am · Like · 3

    Richard Miller Ann Appa what’s so sad? It’s reality. Believe me there’s plenty of places that wish they could still hang that sign. In a way I’m not mad at them either. Because my people do some crazy things where as I don’t want to be associated with them. I love them though.
    May 29 at 8:47am · Like · 7

    Kathy McCarty Ive often seen that picture. Turns my stomache each time. Taken 6 years before I was born.
    May 29 at 11:12am · Like · 1

    Sean Willoughby I grew up going to church all the women dressed like this seems we had more pride in ourselves as a people .. I feel as though after the struggle to walk through the same door or sit at the front of the bus we have lost our way .. It’s all about ME!! not US!!
    May 29 at 1:16pm · Like · 7

    Christie Uhler beautiful people, ignorant times
    May 29 at 2:06pm · Like · 2

    Hazel Archibald I have never understood why people think there is a difference!
    May 29 at 2:47pm · Like

    Dorothy Green The said part is , some people wish they could put some of these signs back up.
    May 29 at 4:17pm · Like · 1

    Dorothy Green Blacks and whites do crazy things. All races are committing crimes in doing wrong. Doing wrong don’t come in color, religious background , financial background every nationality does something wrong. I love being a black woman. I am proud of what we have accomplished as people of color. We have come a long way. Thanking and looking to Jesus for the rest of the journey.
    May 29 at 4:29pm · Edited · Like · 1

    Lucille Williams YES those were the days
    May 29 at 5:27pm · Like

    Ruby Pope I grew up in Alabama during those times
    May 29 at 6:28pm · Like

    Sara Bracy We still have a long way to go and God will take us there, he will lead us there personally, Amen
    23 hours ago · Like

    Zeke Herrera And they’re beautiful
    18 hours ago · Like

    Desmond Mosley Mfs
    15 hours ago · Like

    Donna Evans That,s alright good work Michael a lot of our people need to be educated those times, thank you and I will definitely share this information,, no problem for me
    simply me
    11 hours ago · Like

    Katharine Gabriel I remember those days…but I never understood why you couldn’t eat in the same restaurant, but you could eat from the same kitchen…the kitchen was in between with a Black doing the cooking!!!!!
    11 hours ago · Like · 1

    James Outsey Ain’t nothing changed in Birmingham but the signs.
    10 hours ago · Like

    Edna Law Look how far we’ve come. People don’t dress up anymore. Not even for church like the days of old. Now we have the right to wear whatever & go whereever !!! Looking any kind of way “SAGGY PANTS” What is that? Just imagined if blacks tried that back in the 60″s. OMG!!! Where would we be.
    7 hours ago · Like

    May Conley That was when women were women and only wanted to look like a woman they are beautiful
    6 hours ago · Like

    Gloria Jean Talton Metoyer Wow I remembered!
    5 hours ago · Like

    Ed Fischer Sad bad times
    3 hours ago · Like

    Reginald Hobbs Never forget what we had to overcome!

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