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D-Source 04/29/2014

Lately and sadly, evidence of the Racism that still exists in the United States has come to light, through the comments of people of influence.

I am the absolute first to condemn those who preach that we, as Black People and other minorities are still oppressed and that we are still slaves and so on… I call this the ‘Slave Mentality’. We are not oppressed and we are not powerless and we are certainly not slaves. We have come a long way in this nation. Blacks and other minorities are Owners of Fortune 500 Companies and are Mayors, Governors, Congressmen and Senators and Own our own Media Networks and there are Black and Minority Billionaires and the Leader of the entire Free World is a Black Man. So, I reject the idea that we have achieved little or nothing. I also reject the idea that this is not our nation and that, somehow, Africa is; even though most of us have never been there. If you were born here, then you are a citizen of this nation, not Africa. The culture we grew up in, in this country, is our culture and rather this nation improves or regresses depends on our participation.

With all that said, it is clear that we still have a long way to go. It is clear that there are still racist things said behind closed doors that are no longer said openly and publicly; but the fact that they are said at all, is indication that they are thought. And as often as they are said, I suspect they are thought even more often.

Many Caucasians have a deep seeded bias that exists in the subconscious and it is plain for Black People to see, when it comes to the treatment of our first Black President. When the Senate Republican Leader first said

“… my number one priority is making sure President Obama’s a one-term president…”

and then went on to talk about how they must oppose every single thing he proposes, regardless of if it was good for the nation or not; that was evidence in the minds of those of us who actually pay close attention to Politics, that Racism was the underlying motivation for such a statement and the commitment to President Obama’s failure. And this statement was made before the Obama Presidency even had time to begin.

Lately, we’ve heard statements by Paul Ryan, Cliven Bundy and now, Donald Sterling, the Billionaire Owner of the LA Clipper’s NBA Team, who is currently competing in the NBA Playoffs. So, let’s be clear. Racism is still alive!

Out of fairness, there are many Blacks and other minorities who have the same type of deep seeded biases and racist feeling toward Caucasians. Racism is not only a Caucasian Problem, it is a Black Problem and an Asian Problem and a Latino Problem and an Indian Problem and so on… It is an American Problem.

However, I want to encourage all people to take note that things are not the same as they were. Racism does still exist, but it is no longer acceptable. Note that when it comes to the racist remarks of Donald Sterling, the tremendous public outrage from minorities and Caucasians alike! Note the Media coverage and the Minority Leaders being offered air time on the largest Media Outlets in the world to speak against what Mr. Sterling has said. And note the wealthy and powerful Black and other Minority Leaders who have been demanding that Sponsors abandon Mr. Sterling and they have been demanding the removal of this man as an NBA Team Owner, as well. And note that major Sponsors like Red Bull and State Farm and many others have been dropping like flies.

So, let us not fall into the Devil’s Trap, which is to focus on the fact that Racism still exists and allow ourselves to slip into a ‘Hate Mentality’. Instead, I encourage everyone to look at the glass as half full, not half empty. There was a time when this man’s words would have resulted in no negative consequences and would have even encouraged massive on air agreement. For those who are old enough to remember open racism on TV; the massive on air condemnation of this man and his words should be a welcome sight. Today, on TV, there is no agreement with what this man says, but complete and utter condemnation.

Black People and other minorities, with our combined social and economic might, can no longer be ignored and treated with disrespect, without serious financial and other consequences.

Yes, we still have a long way to go in this nation; but I am proud of how far we have come. Disrespect, Degradation, Humiliation and Racism will no longer be tolerated! Way too many Black People and White People, Latinos, Asians, Indians and others are united in our determination to slowly, but surely, crush this disease called Racism! And we, collectively, have the social and economic might to do it. And we minorities have earned the respect of the world, through our struggle to legally achieve our prominent place within our nation’s society and now we vote and we protest and we boycott and we have our own Media Outlets, so that our voices are heard and we spend and with-hold our money and when necessary, we unite and utilize the law, which is written on the premise that ‘All men are created equal’.

So, for those who still think it is OK to hate us; here is a word to take heed to…

“We ain’t goin’ nowhere!”

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