Legislation by Blackmail…

D-Source 10/04/2013

I agree with President Obama. The government shutdown is a terrible thing. However, he has repeatedly said that he believes it would be a terrible precedent to set, if he allows Congress to use the American Economy as a way to blackmail the President. He feels that in the future, it would become a regular strategy for Congress to threaten the President with a government shutdown, just to get their way.

All President Obama can do is stand firm. Unfortunately, it will mean that more and more people will suffer and Republicans will continue to point a finger at him saying ” See, Obama is being stubborn and won’t negotiate and that is why the government is shutdown”.

But, personally, I hope he stands firm, because in the end, he will not be doing the American People any favor by weakening the Presidency, which is what he will be doing if he allows Congress to use the threat of a government shutdown as a way to blackmail the President. If he does, then next October, we are likely to find the government shutdown again, as Congress blackmails the President again. That is how blackmail works; if you allow it once, then they keep coming back for more. The President has the power to stand firm and Democrats need to stand firm with him.

Concerning Obamacare: He says that although he is sure the Affordable Care Act is taking us in the right direction, he realizes it isn’t a perfect law, because no huge change like this ever is. There will need to be some tweaks and that is why he chose to implement it slowly and in stages.

He says he is willing to negotiate on any changes that would better the law, but not with a gun to the head of the American People. He will not set a precedent where the American People can be held hostage every October by Congress, just so they can get their way. If Republicans fund the government, then he will negotiate on Obamacare. But he will not allow the American People to be blackmailed.

Thank you Mr. President!

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