Guns Kill, Pencils Miss Spell Words…

D-Source 04-13-2013

This is right on point! We are always looking for something to blame, instead of taking responsibility for our own actions. The problem isn’t the gun, it’s that people have a want and desire to kill. If I want and desire to kill you; how will you ever be able to stop me? You don’t know when and how I will do it and you don’t even know that I’m planning to do it, because no one can read my mind. You can’t hide every gun and I will figure out a way to get one, somehow. If I can’t pass a background check, I will buy one off the streets. And why would I want to legally buy a registered gun to kill someone with, anyway? And if I can’t find a gun, I will find another weapon to kill with. What’s next; Knife Control? Baseball Bat Control?

On the other hand, if I have no want and desire to kill, then you can sit me at a table full of Automatic Weapons and I will not kill anyone. If we are under the illusion that Gun Control will reduce gun violence, we are simply fooling ourselves. The way to reduce gun violence is to improve the very basic Morals, Values & Ethics in our society that lead to dysfunction and the bad treatment of others, which leads to anger, despair, bitterness, drugs, revenge, etc. And then, there is the absence of common sense values, like the Value of Life vs. the Value of Money and Material Things, which leads to drug sales and crime and then there is the Value of Life vs. Our Own Selfish Feelings, which leads to the “I’ll show them” attitude, which is a huge part of the reason people commit mass murder. It happens when a person says “You all pick on me, exclude me from your clicks, bully me, humiliate me, etc.; therefore, I will show you all!”

It is important to note that there is no shortage of ways to kill. If I want to kill a bunch of kids, for example and can’t find a gun; then I will cut the break line on a school bus or I will poison their food, etc. Hiding guns will not stop me from doing what I feel led to do. The only solution is to make sure I don’t feel led to do it. And that is done by making sure that I have the proper Morals, Values & Ethics. These are the types of education that make the idea of taking another person’s life unthinkable!

‘Unlimited Education’ is not against common sense gun laws, rules, regulations and background checks, for public safety reasons. But we are against setting the false expectation that these things will, somehow, make people stop killing. As the picture points out, it is not the gun that decides to kill and then pull it’s own trigger.

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  1. DSource4U Says:


    In addition, I feel it is important to talk about the 2nd Amendment…

    The next time someone says that Registration or Background Checks or an Assault Rifle Ban are an infringement on our 2nd Amendment Rights, like there are so many rights that this amendment affords us, you should ask them if they have actually read the 2nd Amendment.

    Here is exactly what the 2nd Amendment says, in it’s entirety:

    A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed.

    That is all the entire Amendment says.The intention was clearly to establish the right of ‘The People’, as a whole, not necessarily every single individual, to be able to bear arms, so that they could remain free from tyranny, from any form of government. Clearly, there is nothing that states anything for or against proper registration of these arms, what type of arms they are or are not to be or rather background checks should or should not be done, etc.

    But there are other parts of the Constitution that clearly implies that the President and Congress shall have the right to regulate any provision of the Constitution (To any extent that the Supreme Court shall deem Constitutional), for reasons of Public Safety and Security. The Constitution was clearly meant to set up a system of Checks and Balances to allow regulation of the various provisions of the Constitution, by the Executive and Legislative Branches of the government; within the limits of what the Judicial Branch would allow or find Constitutional. And each branch was intended to answer to the people, who are kept informed by a nosey and gossiping Media. And the people are to have power to hire and fire those who do not bend to their will.

    So, although I do not believe that Gun Control is the solution to violence and murder, I do understand that reasonable Gun Control, to include Registration, Background Checks and even the banning of certain weapons, for reasons of Public Safety and Security, are not restricted by this simple statement known as the Second Amendment. It is obvious that some regulation simply makes sense. Clearly it makes sense not to have regular citizens walking around with Grenades and Tanks, Flame Throwers and Rocket Launchers, which fall under the definition of ‘Arms’, as well. But how far that regulation should go, is up to the Judicial Branch of the Government to decide.

    We, as ‘The People’, all have our opinions; but unfortunately, most of us are uninformed. Again, most people have never taken the 10 or 15 minutes it takes to actually read this document, which is about a 10th or 11th grade read; therefore think this simple statement we call the 2nd Amendment says way more than it actually does. It clearly doesn’t give us all these rights that everyone is afraid will be infringed upon. But this is how Politicians manipulate an uneducated American People. And this why increased Public Education on Government, Politics and Economics, is needed in our country. Reference our Unlimited Education for our Children Facebook Page.

    And visit the ‘Change the WORLD’ Blog and search US Constitution to read the actual document or the Declaration of Independence, which should be read, as well. Be informed…

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