Behind Closed Doors and in Back Yards…

The above video is a perfect example of why ‘Unlimited Education’ is such a necessary and vital solution to Crime, Violence, Dysfunction of all kinds, Education and the Economy. Morality, Values and Ethical Behavior is required, in or…der to effectively deal with each one of these challenges and many others.

No longer can we be satisfied with relying on Parents to be the sole provider of Morals, Values and Ethics Education for our children. We cannot monitor all 150 million parents to insure things like this aren’t happening behind closed doors and in back yards. And no matter how thorough you are at educating your children on Who and How to Be; when they step out of your home; they walk to school with, ride the bus with, sit in class with, sit in Study Hall with, Gym Class with, Recess with and socialize with these types of kids after school; at-least 5 days per week, at-least 9 months per year, for 13 or more years, straight.The good work you may be doing with your kids is being undone by other kids and even the adults you entrust your kids to, on a daily basis. In fact, for up to 12 or 14 hours, daily, for years on end… Most all day; every day… Get it?!

Public Schools, Community Centers, Libraries and as many good and interested parents as possible must all combine with local governments to insure that they are all on the same page, as far as the type of Morals, Values and Ethics Education our kids should be receiving by every adult we intrust our kids to, on a daily basis, while we are at work. And we must all agree on the Moral Culture that we provide for our children within our Schools, Community Centers, Libraries and within our communities, as a whole. We can no longer afford Morals, Values and Ethics Education to be an ‘Individual Project’. It must be a ‘Community Project’.

And yes, we can all agree on a very basic set of Morals, Values and Ethics that our children should be actively and aggressively taught, with the same determination as we teach Math, English and Science. We can all agree that this video is bad, that stealing is bad, that illegal drugs are bad and that education and the ‘Golden Rule’ are good. Every member of the community must be on board with these very basic concepts.

Think about it… these three kids could be from three different families and they could each be going home and acting like little Angels with their own parents.

‘Unlimited Education’: We are going into individual communities and beginning the change that I have just written about. If you believe in what we are doing, please share this message and this page with your friends and encourage them to support our efforts. Anyone interested in more information or in how they can help, just speak up… Thank you!

Our communities are in decline; “Don’t just sit there… Do something!”
Join ‘The Movement’ and “Let’s Change the WORLD!”

Shock Education (Audio Visual Concept)

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