“I don’t owe you nothin’… You owe me!”

It is unfortunate that our society has conditioned us to only look out for ‘Number One’. This, I believe, is due to the absence of what I would consider to be Good Morals, Values & Ethics Education for our children in our schools, neighborhoods and homes (See our Education Tab). We teach our children to trust no one and we demonize the male species to little girls, as we teach little boys to financially succeed by any means necessary or he will, somehow, end up less than a man. This has all led to a society that is divided. And that division is based on miss-trust. Few people understand the meaning of the words sympathy and empathy, let alone have either, for anyone. We say things like “Better you than me” and we chose our friends and lovers based on rather we feel that relationship will be financially beneficial or not. The length of friendships and relationships are, way too often, based on how long one can financially or otherwise benefit the other.  When one loses a job or once one feels the other has served their temporary purpose; the friendship or relationship is, suddenly and unmercifully over.  Pain is the result and productivity is lost, due to the shattering of a heart.

Then we wonder why we have no friends, which is our excuse to continue spreading the doctrine of ‘Miss-Trust’ to our children, as the Devil giggles. We twist the word of God, who says to “Trust in him and not in man”; to mean it is ok to miss-trust every Human Being and divide.  That is not what God means. The True Christian has been reborn in Christ and has accepted Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and is one with God, through the Holy Spirit. Although he be in the Flesh, he also be in the Spirit and therefore, is no longer mere ‘Man’.  He can be trusted, to the extent that he is master of his own flesh, based on the level of his faith and obedience. Trusting in a truly Godly Man is like trusting in God, himself; because God dwells within him and him within God. But it is easy to fall prey to the doctrine that the Devil has made popular, which is that no man is trustworthy and that no-one and no-thing is important other than me and mine…

But, inevitably, we make choices to put our faith in someone and we base that decision on fleshly criteria; like how financially beneficial it will be to trust or befriend that person, instead of on spiritual criteria. So, consequently, we end up putting our trust in those who the Devil sends us, after we have forsaken who God has sent us. You know; the one who actually treated us like Royalty. The result is betrayal and a broken heart. Why; because we couldn’t care less if we offended who God sent us or if we hurt their feelings and so what if we inconvenienced them or wasted their time. But now we are upset that we have, now, been hurt the same way we have hurt others. And instead of learning our lesson, we will continue our immorality and to value the Fleshly things the Devil has dominion over, instead of the Spiritual things that please God. Does it make sense to ask God why he has forsaken us, when we are the ones who have forsaken him and his word? Does he not tell us to “Do unto others, as we would have them do unto us”? But we only claim to be Godly, but conveniently use the phrase “I have to do what I have to do for me and mine”, as an excuse to forsake him and his word. Then we run back to him when we suffer the same pain we have dished out to others, in the name of “Doing what we had to do for me and mine”.

Then, it’s back to business as usual… What difference does it make if I say I’ll call you right back and don’t or if I say I’ll be right there and then take my time; saying “I don’t rush for anybody” or if I stand you up completely or if I brake my promise to you? So what that it was a big deal to you; because it was a small and trivial thing to me. What difference does it make if I play games with your emotions and if I treat you just like they treat me? “It is; what it is…” But it is really the exact opposite. The reality is; they are treating me, just like I treat you. Get it? Probably not… (Try reading it, again)

It is unfortunate, that in our society, it is ok to feel that I owe You, God and Society absolutely nothing and that Society, God and You are all, somehow, indebted to Me.

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One Response to ““I don’t owe you nothin’… You owe me!””

  1. darrell freeman Jr Says:

    The role of men in society or lack of

    Just by looking around you can tell that things are so much different, than they we’re in the past. The biggest difference is the role men play in society, our homes, politics and business. Throughout the years things changed and men were no longer active in their family life. It seems as if men have pushed forward in the business world and left their families behind.

    I’m so disgusted by our lack of commitment to our spouse and our children. From the beginning of time we were the providers and the protectors. We were actively involved in society, the Civil rights marches, Politics, Business and at home. Sad to say with the change that time brought, it also brought separation. It turned family members against each other.

    So many men have walked out on their families, leaving the mothers to be the mother and the father. Often finding it difficult to teach their boys how to be men.
    Fellas ask yourself this, what do a single mother tell her son when he finally ask that question. Where my daddy at ?
    Why you so hard on me with the respect women lecture and appreciate them when my own father turned his back on me and you ? Why should I be a man when he didn’t have too?

    Women face these issues everyday. Our kids are lacking a father to teach them about life and to protect their family. So women learn to be independent because they have no choice. For so long they been taking care of their family on their own. Replacing the men in society and ultimately throwing us by the waste side.

    Now on the other there are active fathers and active men in society. So many times their accomplishments are overlooked or ignored. Some men take care of their families without a mother or spouse. Yet and still they get no acknowledgement or appreciation. In fact when a woman takes on that same role she’s perceived as an angel, or just a dedicated mother. Which there’s nothing wrong with that but as a man he’s told that’s what’s expected of you. He doesn’t get the same credit. The one day of the year he’s honored it’s overlooked by mother’s day.

    Leaving me to examine the role men play in society. It’s true not to many of us step up to the plate. But we must always honor and appreciate those who do take care of their responsibility. Because of so many men lack of love for their families women are replacing men in society and in their homes. Independent and single mothers are doing it all. Realizing that they don’t need a man. It may be true but there’s no satisfaction like the joy you feel when you know you have a loving and dedicated man.

    But we can’t blame them, it’s us that need to prove that we do belong and we will be here for our families. We need to rebuild that joy our ladies felt by knowing we were there for them. We need to show society that we are dedicated and strong men. We need to teach our sons, nephews, brothers, cousins that a man takes care of his family. He man’s up to his responsibilities. A man loves his family so much he will work his butt off to make sure they are taken care of.

    It’s time men step up and realize our women shouldn’t do it alone. We need to stay involved in our families like men. There’s no reason to run away from your responsibility. The future has many unknown circumstances. Let’s make the future, a future men can say they helped produce. By molding and constructing the mind of our leaders of tomorrow which is our kids.

    Without a strong leadership our kid’s future looks real dim. If we as men step up we could and will make a difference. But we have to step up. Be willing to admit you made a mistake. Be honest enough to except it. Be man enough to fix it. Lead by example our kids are watching us. The time is ticking. Men in society need to step up. Only a coward runs from his responsibility.

    We as men need to rebuild our role as honorable men. That starts first with our family. Our family should be a business. Let’s keep it thriving and pushing forward for success. With our spouse as an equal business partner. How can society function without us doing our part as men.
    Are men overlooked in society because so many of us run from our responsibilities?
    So many of us don’t know the difference between a man and a boy?

    A man versus a boy

    A man does what he’s supposed to do, while a boy does what you tell him to do
    A man admits when he’s wrong, while a boy makes excuses.
    A man takes care of his responsibilities, while a boy runs away from it.
    A man strives to better himself every day, while a boy throws his life away.
    A man leads by example, while a boy is a follower.

    Although a man goes through tough times, he still smiles and maintains.
    While a boy will run at the first sign of trouble.
    A man looks for a woman who’s honest, loving, trust worthy and shares
    Similar qualities as his mother.

    While a boy looks for love on the outside.
    A man wants a woman that will grow & enhance who he is.
    As well as show others that she’s an equal partner in their relationship.
    While a boy just wants a one night stand or an easy lay.
    A man will commit to the one he knows is his true love,
    While a boy will string her along. A man loves from his heart,
    While a boy loves from between his legs.

    A man is willing to do whatever it takes to satisfy his woman.
    While a boy only wants to satisfy himself.
    A man plans for the future while a boy lives his everyday life.
    A man constantly challenges himself to do bigger and better things,

    While a boy is comfortable living from check to check.
    A man will give all he has, while a boy will give what he has.
    A man will call on the Lord’s name, while a boy will call his mother.
    A man can resist peer pressure, while a boy will fall victim to it.
    A man will support his children even if he and his partner have separated.

    While a boy will walk away, because he and his partner aren’t together.
    There are so many differences between a boy and a man.
    But a man is ready and willing to take on the world, with the determination
    that he will succeed, as long as he has a strong woman by his side.
    But, a boy will run from commitment & has no drive to do better.

    A man will put a plan together, while a boy will just wing it.
    A man knows who he is, while a boy is still searching.
    Until a boy is ready to become a man, he continues to act like a child.
    Every boy eventually becomes a man, but when & where is his decision

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