The Delcine of our Nation & World!

By D-Source 11/12/2011 

In 1985, the average American had 3 Friends, according to a recent study. Today, the average person has 2. We have lost one. This is another result of the decline in our Morals, Values and Ethics in this nation. There are less people we can trust; Also, (I), as in me, has become much more important than You, who no longer matters. Money, Fame and Power have become more important than Loyalty and Friendship. There is a huge absence of Empathy and even common courtesies are all but gone. Examples:  We often say “I’ll call you right back” or “I’ll be right there”, knowing we have no intention of calling right back or being right there, which have, amazingly, become common phrases to use. We use thise phrases way too often and take them way too lightly. They are no longer promises, backed by integrity, but down right lies that are regularly told. Lies that replace Up-front Honesty and Respect. If you are not calling right back, why say you are? And if you won’t be right there, why say you will? Someone is expecting you and you are standing them up. Our choices are to either become desensitized and get use to being stood up or to learn to accept the feeling we get from being regularly stood up. I, personally, hate being stood up!

These examples may seem relatively minor, but they are just two irritating examples, out of many, that all combine to undermine Friendship. And with the decline of Friendship, comes a decline in good relationships of every kind (Including between Spouses; Parents and their Children; between Businesses and their Customers and even between members, branches and parties of our Government), leading to other Social and Economic Challenges. The most viable solution is: Morals, Values and Ethics Education in our Homes, Schools and Neighborhoods. ‘Unlimited Education’. Ref: The EDUCATION TAB at the top of our Home Page.

Not being truthful, standing each other up, selfishness, an absence of empathy and respect have become the norm. Poor Customer Service and the philosophy of ‘Profit before People’ has taken over the way we do business. We, as individuals, grow tired of this abuse from our friends, significant others, businesses and even our own government. The  result that occurs is, inevitably, desensitivity and a hardened heart, which is not a good thing. The problem is that with a nation full of hardened hearts, how can we progress? Two (Like-minded) heads are always better than one, but everyone is choosing to move forward with one head. Instead of man and woman working together, their is so much miss trust and so many cold hearts, that we tend to work more against each other than with each other. Out of every two friends, their seems to be one with a hardened heart. But one warm heart and one cold heart nullifies each other so that no progress can be made. In fact, regression is a common result. We have two heads in Politics (Republicans and Democrats). Imagine what could be accomplished if they worked together. But they refuse to warm up to each others’ ideas. The result is no progress and even regression, in some cases. We can no longer afford the cold-heartedness, which is a result of the injustice that occurs from Bad Morals, Value and Ethics. It is the core problem and cause of most every social and economic challenge we face in this nation and in our world. And it is also the most basic and core solution. My mission is to help everyone to see that. It doesn’t take a genius to see that this makes perfect sense. If everyone treated each other right; had sympathy and empathy for each other; were up-front, honest and respectful with each other; cared; had work ethic, morals, values, etc… and if Politicians did what was right for their constituents vs. what is best for them to get re-elected and people valued God, life, love and friendship above greed, material things, money, fame and power; then how much better would our nation and the world be? We must begin by properly educating the next generation of young people on the proper Morals, Values and Ethics to live their lives by and as many Adults as possible, as well. God himself, who is wise beyond comprehension, laid out a basic set of Morals, Values and Ethics for us to live by (The Ten Commandments), because he knew that if we did, things would go better; but if we did not, then things wouldn’t go so well. Those basic guidelines were intended to be the very foundation of how we live, run our society and our relationships. But we are failing, so our foundation is crumbling. As long as the Moral Fabric of our nation continues to decline, so will our nation, as a whole. Our relationships will continue to fail; stress, loneliness and despair will continue to rise; hearts will continue to harden; the Political Right will continue to distance itself from the Political Left; Crime and Violence will continue to go up, overall, with periodic stabilizations and small downturns to pacify us, as Divorce Rates rise, Single Parenting rise and the economic mite of our great nation slowly fades. War will continue to be the answer and the wrath of God will be the result, as he allows the Devil to rave havoc in all of our lives, in our politics and in our relations around the world. (Sorry for the rant!), but sometimes a rant is required. Some things can’t be said in few words.



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