‘Culture Shock!’

‘Culture Shock!’ (The American Dream of an Island Native)

Join Aubry Padmore with special guest Gloria Lewis & Dale Lewis Authors of “Culture Schock” on “The REal Book Talk” Monday, May 16th, 2011 at 8:30pm, EDT (http://www.caribvoiceradio.org/)

The scene is set in the Caribbean, where a young woman of humble upbringing has caught the eye of an American Young Man, who ignited her imagination with stories of American Dreams.  This wasn’t the first time she had heard wonderful stories about America; she had seen the American TV Shows and heard those wonderful stories throughout her entire young life. Like most everyone on the small island of Barbados, at that time, she had learned to admire America; so when this young man offered her a life of ‘Milk and Honey’, full of excitement and wonder, in a new world, where all of her dreams could come true; it was easy to say yes.
The book goes on to tell a story of how a young, naïve girl, was suddenly forced into Woman-hood and how she was forced to face the truth about humanity and forced to confront the realities of her life in the United States versus the romantic dreams of her childhood. The lessons she learned, shed light on her youth, as well as the contradictions and ironies of life on a tiny and humble island in the Caribbean versus her life in a big, powerful and proud Super Power of a nation. Was moving to America the correct decision? Will she prosper and realize the American Dream? Has the life she found in the United States better than the life she abandoned in Barbados? Does the romance pan out? Does this dashing, young ‘Prince Charming’ on the shiny white horse turn out to be her ‘Knight in Shining Armor?’ Now that so many years have passed, what lessons has she learned? What wisdom does she have to share?

Get ready for a trip to the Amusement Park… Prepare for the greatest little side show you’ve ever witnessed. Get ready for a walk through the Fun House, where you will gaze into a mirror and take a look at yourself, but the reflection you see will be distorted, compared to the one you are accustomed to. You are about to take the emotional rollercoaster ride of a life time! Don’t be afraid; because throughout all of the emotional ups and downs, you will feel the strength, the faith and the determination. You will know that failure is not an option! You will witness the lessons learned and eventually, the solutions will become clear and you will see hope on the horizon and inspiration will rise, like the sun rises to bring warmth to a cold world!

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3 Responses to “‘Culture Shock!’”

  1. D-Source Says:

    The date has been changed. It is tonight, May 16th, at 8:30 PM, E.S.T. Just click this link: http://www.caribvoiceradio.org/

  2. Beverley Hinds Says:

    Great Interview!! Culture Shock is the perfect title for this book. I too am a Barbadian Immigrant, and I too had a perfect picture painted in my head of this beautiful place, I imagined a place where the streets were paved with gold, but it was truly a culture shock, when on my way from the JFK International Airport, passing through Brooklyn, I looked up and saw these buildings made of red bricks, and they were not plastered, there was garbage at the side of the streets, I turned to my godfather and I asked him in disbelief, \is this New York, is this the same New York that people come home and talk about?\ It truly was a culture shock for me. Another thing I had to get used to was being locked in the house all the time, I felt like I was in prison, this was something that didn’t happen back home in Barbados back then. Then of course it was the realization that our High School Certificates, which we worked so hard to obtain, were not accepted here. I thought it was an insult. When I did decide to take classes to prepare for the G.E.D., I too was given a preliminary test, as I was told ‘to see how far I was’, when the lady corrected that paper she told me \you don’t need any classes, you can go right ahead and take the examination\, she proceeded to make the appointment for me to take the exam, which I did and passed on the first try. The work was elementary in my opinion, and they call it a high school diploma.
    In Barbados, back then you were only legally allowed to hold one job, here on the other had you have to work two and three jobs to survive. So I think this is a great book, I believe that people should be told that this country is not a bed of roses, there is so much you have to go through to make it here. So fellow Barbadians, West Indians, and all the other countries who sit at home and think that as long as you are in America you have money, and those of you who are dying to come, and get mad if you don’t send for them, I want them to know that they are better off where they are, come spend a vacation and go back home, don’t be stupid like me and give up your jobs and come here, it is not worth the trouble.
    So good luck with the launch of your book, the book will do great.

  3. DSource4U Says:

    Beverley Hinds: Thank you for your comment Beverley! You are right; it is no ‘Bed of Roses’ in the United States. I love my country and I do believe it is a great country, in many ways. However, it can definitely be cold and cruel to those who come here with false expectations, based on television, radio and grand stories of the ‘American Dream’. The ‘American Dream’ is real, but not automatic. And this as a large nation, which means you can choose the lifestyle you want to live, rather it be a lifestyle similar to where you came from or something completely different. You can usually find whatever lifestyle you want to find, somewhere in this country. But way too many immigrants come here and land in New York or Los Angeles or some other cold and cruel, monster city and are simply overwhelmed and beat down by life. Education about the United States and Planning can mean the difference between success and failure here. Understanding the unique struggles one can face here and the political system are important. Also, choosing a location that suits the type of lifestyle you are acustomed to, as a start, is important. A visit is advisable, before making a commitment to move. And again, like you said; for many, staying right where they are, may be the best choice.

    I think the book is also important because it does point out where the United States could use some considerable improvement and actually offers some very viable solutions to the Social, Economic and Political Problems we face. I think it sheds light on where we, at times, are a little too arogant and where we can actually learn from smaller countries like Barbados, who have good reason to be proud of their heritage and lifestyles. But this book is far from a Bash of the United States, who is always the first there and the last to leave, whenever any nation needs our assistance, rather friend or foe. It is not a book that is overly clinical and stuffy, but a book that makes valid points, within the context of a truly Human Story that we can all relate to, on some level. I don’t believe their is one single person who could read this book and honestly say that they couldn’t relate to this true story and testimony, on some level and who wasn’t moved, in some way. That is my humble opinion!

    I hope you will become a regular visitor! Our RSS Feed is free. It’s in the column on the right, on the home page, if you’d like to be automatically notified of new posts. You are also welcome to register, which is not required; but we appreciate those who do. To join the ‘Let’s Change the WORLD” Movement, all you need to do is what ever little thing you can do to impact someone’s day or life or to contribute to your community. (Pull a Teen aside and talk to them, do something nice for your elderly neighbor, attend a School Board Meeting, etc.). Any little thing you can do, no matter how small, makes you a member of ‘The Movement’. And if we all do our little part, then together, we can ‘Change the WORLD!’ PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD AND PLEASE SHARE OUR BLOG!

    Thank you!

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