Children in Poverty is a Generational Curse: ‘Unlimited Education’ is the Solution


The number of children living in poverty in working households has risen to its largest ever number, a report has found

‘Unlimited Education’ is a 2.5 year old project. We have proven the correlation between Good Morals, Values & Ethics Education (Not Religion) and Better Education, Lower Dropout Rates, Lower Crime and Violence

Rates, Lower Teen Pregnancy Rates, Higher College Entry and Graduation Rates, leading to Higher Income and Lower Divorce Rates. Benefits also include a Higher Quality and More Productive Work Force, Cleaner, Nicer and Safer Neighborhoods. All of these benefits combined generate the statistics that Businesses use when deciding where to build, locate, re-locate and expand. This enables communities to attract jobs.

The end result are communities that believe in and value the Political Process, so that they participate in it, instead of believing their vote doesn’t count. In a nation of the People, for the People and by the People, it takes unity of the Poeple to put the pressure on Politicians to offer your specific community the resources it needs. Politicians, who are always in short supply of resources to spread around, tend to spread them in communities where people vote and where people are active in the Political Process, because these are the communities that impact their ability to keep their high paying, powerful and prestigeous jobs, which pay their mortgages and car notes.

In the end, the solution goes back to Education. Not just in the traditional subjects, but also in the core Morals, Values and Ethics that we can all agree on, like: Killing is bad, Theft is bad, The Golden Rule is good, Education is good, Violence is bad, etc. No longer can we afford the Education our children receive to be limited to just Math, English, Science, Social Studies, History and Physical Education; when success in life requires so much more. How to be, Who to be, Where to be, where not to be and when, as well as how to deal with people who don’t look just like you, are also very important; not to mention how to balance a Checkbook and how to generate and maintain good Credit.

Arguably, Morals, Values and Ethics Education is more important than the traditional subjects. After-all, what good is Math if you are in jail, accept to count how many days you have left until your release? How can we expect a child to learn, if he doesn’t, first, value his Education and have the propper Work Ethic? No matter how new the school building is, how up-to-date the books and computers are and to some extent, no matter how good the Teacher is; a child who doesn’t value his Education, doesn’t care. He will not pay attention in class, ask the appropriate questions, go to the library, do the research nor his Home Work. He will not be on time nor will he show up every day. If the Child doesn’t have good Morals, Values and Ethics Education, first; how will he stay out of trouble long enough to learn? This is why even the best schools have some bad Students. (These are the Students who are receiving Bad Morals, Values and Ethics Education at home and cannot do well in a school that does not have a proper Moral Culture in place and that has no Moral Curriculum to contradict what the child learns at home)

On the other hand, no matter how old the school building is, how poorly equipped it is and to some extent, how bad the Teacher is; a Child who has Good Morals, Values and Ethics Education, first; will pay attention, ask the appropriate questions, do the research and the Home Work. He will show up on time, every day and he will go above and beyond to learn, especially if the Parent partners with the school, so that the Charachter Education received at school is being reinforced and not undermined in the home. This is why even the worst schools have some exceptional Students. (These are the Children who receive Good Morals, Values and Ethics Education at home, to a degree that overrides the Bad Culture and Morals, Values & Ethics Education that kids in bad schools tend to receive)

With all this said; ‘Unlimited Education’ has developed a series of concepts that are currently having tremendous and even unbelieveable and life changing success in Workshops, as well as at Community Centers and Libraries across the nation. We are moving forward with an Online Project and with our plans to open a Model School in the Chicago Area. Also, major School Districts like Cleveland, Winston-Salem and Tampa are currently considering implementation. We have a Workshop designed for Prisons and Parenting Workshops, as well. There is even a Workshop and a Seminar for Businesses. Morals, Values and Ethics are also important in Business. They have a definite impact on the efficient operation of the company, as well as the bottom line.

We combine Empathy with other up-to-date and progressive Information Deliver Methods, to offer what we call ‘Cause, Effect and Consequence Education’. Kids, Parents, Educators and Adults must completely understand the Causes, Effects and Consequences of their actions and in-actions. Believe it or not, most people are amazingly unaware of the impact their actions and in-actions have, the extent of that impact, as well as who and what is impacted.

In the end, until we fully Educate all of our Kids, their will continue to be certain groups of kids (Primarily Minorities) who will grow up having babies too young, killing Fathers and doing drugs instead of caring for their children. They will continue to grow up under educated to compete and without the Work Ethic to try hard. They will not vote, go to the School Board and other Community Meetings, therefore, they will not elect the people and vote for the laws that benefit their communities, specifically. Bad Education; specifically Bad Morals, Values and Ethics Education; will continue to be a Generational Curse that can never stop, until we understand the problem and then do something about it.

If you are interested in more information on ‘Unlimited Education’, their is more available on this Blog and their is limited information on our ‘Unlimited Education’ for Our Children Facebook Page, which I encourage everyone to please visit and support:!/pages/Unlimited-Education-for-Our-Children/102671536444199 

Detailed and dramatized PowerPoint Presentations and a Summary of our Research is available by e-mail, upon request, by leaving a comment here or by e-mailing me at:

We are also searching for Churches, Community Centers, Libraries, Businesses, Schools, School Districts, Places of Incarceration, etc., where we can offer and showcase our Concepts and Workshops. We are actively seeking people who are interested in assisting, in any way. We need the support of the people. We also need the support of Media and the Movers and Shakers who have the noteriety to get things done. If you are someone who can help, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

These are my opinions as founder of ‘Unlimited Education’, which is just one of several projects resulting from The ‘Let’s Change the WORLD’ Movement. This Blog is a center-piece of that Movement. We encourage you to join ‘The Movement’. You can begin by registering and completing a Profile. Then simply express yourself. Agreement is not required here. But courtesy and respect is… What’s your opinion on this article and/or my comment?

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