Another Spill: Step 2 of Project Destroy Earth

  Share retweet Email Print AP – Crews work on a boom in the Kalamazoo River in Battle Creek, Mich., trying to capture oil from a ruptured … Slideshow:Pipeline spills oil into Michigan’s Kalamazoo River Related Quotes Symbol Price Change EEP 53.03 0.00 ENB 47.96 0.00 ^GSPC 1,101.53 0.00 By TIM MARTIN, Associated Press Writer Tim Martin, Associated […]

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‘The View’…. Obama’s Interview 07/29/2010

What are your opinions?

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‘Soul Suite’ Radio Show Play List Search…

Join Cheryl ‘Suitelady’ Dunlap on 98.3 FM Soul Suite Radio Show out of The Chicago Area. ‘Suitelady’ has played a significant role in the success of many of the big name Recording Artists we all know. Catch her show every Wednesday Night at 7:00 PM Central Time and 8:00 PM Eastern, for the best Old […]

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Obama: Busy as a Bee for You and Me!

Great video! Mr. Obama has been a busy President and has many enormous accomplishments, for Everyday People. Big Business isn’t happy, rather it be The Insurance Industry or Wall Street. But Tax Cuts for The Working Class and Incentives for Small Business, Health Insurance for the poor, Increased College Aid, new Credit Card and Mortgage Regulations that […]

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Obama’s Approval Ratings Drop….

ET President Obama’s approval rating on the economy is down to 42 percent, according to a new CNN Poll. Washington (CNN) – Americans approval of how President Barack Obama is handling the nation’s economy has dropped to its lowest level of his presidency, according to a new national poll. A CNN/Opinion Research Corporation survey indicates […]

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Dawn’s Angel Wish Network: Helping Others

Dawn’s Angel Wish Network is all about networking to help others. They are doing their part to ‘Change the WORLD’. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION   In a world where so much is needed by so many, yet so few are willing to invest the time and resources it takes to help others, Dawn Mitchell is […]

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Spirit of The Living God: Beautiful!

Words and Music by: William R. Hamilton Performed by: Chicago Mass Choir Soloist: Tammie Smith

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What Wall Street Reform Means to You….

  Foreign Policy Health Care Homeland Security Immigration Poverty Rural Seniors & Social Security Service Taxes Technology Urban Policy Veterans Women Additional Issues Wall Street Reform It has now been two years since the collapse of Bear Stearns and more than a year since the financial crisis peaked. Trillions of dollars in household wealth were […]

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Anita, from Arizona, on Unemployment…

Hi D-Source,      I appreciate all the work you’ve done to help Jackie, and all the responses you have printed to the other side, and the way that you have handled them.   I was wondering if you could do an article on unemployment?  I looked at the list and I didn’t  see anything listed […]

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Is The Tea Party Full of Racists?

The Tea Party says it has not leadership. They also say they are against Racism and are for Smaller Government, Civil Rights, Reduced Government Spending, etc. However, they continue to allow obvious Racists with Racist Signs and who make Racist Chants and sing Racist Songs attend Tea Party Ralllies and get Media Attention that does impact […]

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‘I Awaken’….. by Glendaliz Torres

The deliciousness of just being is all that awaits me. An overwhelming feeling of love that promises never to forsake me. An intuitive exploration of every part of my being, a reflection of self that without eyes I’m seeing.  This cosmic dance that lives inside me, letting go of the past, embracing today and caressing […]

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Caprice (Episode1): Drama you have time for

Episode One of ‘Caprice’: Drama you have time for….

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Cavs Owner Calls LeBron’s Move: ‘betrayal’

Updated Jul 9, 2010 9:06 AM ET Cleveland Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert posted this letter on after LeBron James decided he was leaving for the Miami Heat. Dear Cleveland, All Of Northeast Ohio and Cleveland Cavaliers Supporters Wherever You May Be Tonight; As you now know, our former hero, who grew up in the […]

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Demonizing Illegal Immigrants is Not Right!

    As far as we know, The American Indians are the original residents of what we, now, call The United States of America. Black People of all Nationalities, who were, originally, brought here against their will, White People of all Nationalities, Latinos of all Nationalities, Chinese, Koreans, etc. are all Immigrants. That is what this country […]

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Caprice: Drama You Have Time For!

Caprice is an outstanding, new concept in Soap Opera Type Drama…. Episodes short enough to watch during a Lunch Break, yet exciting enough to entertain and restore your good mood in the middle of the day. View Episode II and then keep your eyes open the next episode of: ‘Caprice’

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