Plea Bargain for Johnny: Justice or Injustice?

"Gone too soon!"

On June 16, 2010, Jackie Robinson attended a hearing that delivered what was promised; a Plea Bargain for the man who murdered her son Johnny Robinson. See: Winston-Salem Justice vs. Justice for Johnny at

Jackie stood up and read her Victim’s Statement, which listed a lot of evidence that actually appears in Winston-Salem Police and Court Files, hoping that this would help to shed light on the injustice she felt was about to happen. This all fell on deaf ears because not one single piece of that evidence was introduced. Jackie: “The hearing was a joke! The deal was already done and the hearing was just for show! The D.A. brought up evidence against my Son, like he was the criminal! They brought up my Son’s Alcohol Level, but never even checked Bobby’s and he was the one with a gun, who did the shooting!”

Jackie’s Statement also asked a series of personal questions directly to Robert Moyer, such as why did he insist on taking her son home when he knew he had a gun in his pocket? Why, according to his own words, did he take back roads when taking Johnny home, especially since Bobby claims he was afraid of Johnny that night? Jackie felt that was contradictory. Jackie: “There is one main and lighted road that we always took between my house and Bobby’s House. If Bobby was afraid of my Son, as he stated, why get off that road and onto dark streets and then pull into a dark Parking Lot? It doesn’t make since!”

In Police Statements Robert Moyer claims that Johnny Robinson was beating and choking him so badly that he feared for his life and was forced to shoot Johnny. Jackie points out that Police Files also indicate that there were absolutely no scratches, marks or bruises on Robert that night when Detectives examined Robert’s face, neck and body. Pictures were taken to confirm the absence of evidence that would confirm Robert’s Story. Jackie also points out that evidence of only one shot being fired inside the vehicle was found. Jackie: “Once Bobby shot Johnny once and he was getting out of the car, why did Bobby have to get out of the car and shoot Johnny 5 more times?” 

It was clear that Jackie Robinson thought that her Son received a raw deal. Jackie: “I held my hand up until I was called up a second time and I challenged the Judge and the D.A. to open the File and speak aloud the evidence that disputed what the D.A. and the Defense Attorney were both stating against Johnny! It was unbelievable! You would have thought Johnny was on trial for shooting Bobby! One statement after the other, against Johnny!” Jackie went on to say: “The Judge kept asking The D.A. is this true? Is there more evidence?  The D.A. never answered the Judge. I said; did you read the SBI Report? It’s all in this book right here! I pointed at the book.” Jackie says they simply put on a show, acting like she hadn’t really said anything. But they were careful neither to admit the evidence was there nor call her a lie. Jackie: “I have sat down and read all 300 pages of evidence and none of the relevant Evidence or Witness Statements were talked about! This hearing was completely bogus!”

I was able to interview several people who attended the Trial and everyone had generally the same opinion; that injustice had been done. One lady asked: “What did Robert Moyer have to offer in return for a Plea Bargain?” Another lady said: “I am not from the United States, but I can’t believe this is America. This isn’t the America I moved to!”

Not everyone had that opinion. I was able to interview 2 Attorneys who attended the Hearing anonymously. They both gave me their perspectives off the record. One of them said he was very familiar with the evidence that appears in Police Files concerning this case and said that even though none of that evidence was brought up, that this type of hearing isn’t the type were evidence is normally introduced. He said arguments are certainly made, but it’s not customary to introduce evidence. He felt that the Plea Bargain was probably appropriate because he felt there would have been a significant risk that they wouldn’t have been able to prove Premeditation. He explained that even though Robert was seen putting a gun in his pocket when he learned Johnny was on his way over, that a person may carry a gun when they are worried about possible danger, but that doesn’t mean that they intend to kill somebody with it. This same Attorney, however, thought the sentencing was way too light. He felt that even though Premeditation may have been risky to try to prove, there were still Aggravated Circumstances. I believe that was the term he used. He said:  “If someone attacks you, you can shoot them once and they normally get the point. It isn’t necessary to get out and shoot them several more times. I felt that the Judge, who is one of the best down there, should have sentenced him to considerably more time.”

The second Attorney I talked to said he was familiar with all of the evidence, as well and felt that the D.A. probably decided that the Defense Attorney had the power to drag the case out for an extended period and make it costly and time consuming for The City to take the case to Trial. He said he felt that the case should have definitely gone to Trial though. He said: “There is some risk that they may not have been able to prove Premeditation, Beyond a Reasonable Doubt. However, it seems obvious Robert Moyer wanted Johnny Robinson dead, so I feel we owed Johnny and his family a Trial. Even if they didn’t prove Premeditation, the Jury wouldn’t have come back with less than Second Degree, which is what he ended up pleading guilty to anyway, but he would have gotten a tougher sentence, if it had gone to Trial. There is no doubt that the City just wanted to save time and money.” The Attorney also noted that Robert Moyer has prior gun charges and there are people who will testify that he has pulled his gun on them. He is currently accused of some mischief in Jail, as we speak. When I asked him if he considered this a Public Safety Issue; he said: “That’s why it should have gone to trial. This isn’t the first issue he has had with guns.”

After interviewing everyone, I have concluded that once again, money rules. Robert’s Family had the money to hire a very good Attorney who immediately influenced what happened from that point on. No Alcohol or Drug testing for Robert, waiving of Robert’s Right to a Speedy Trial, delaying of the case for everything to die down. This Attorney had the clout and power to make a Trial very costly to The City, resulting in a Plea Bargain and a light sentence. The evidence has been largely ignored and the truth will never be known. There are those who will always believe that Johnny beat Robert so badly that Robert had to shoot Johnny. If that is not true, then Johnny has been done a great injustice. His name has been wrongfully slandered and this is what his Son will grow up to know about his Father. Based on the evidence in Police Files, which will not be heard in Criminal Court, it does not appear to be true.

For most of us, this appears to be over, but I suspect there will be a Civil Court Case and I asked one of the Attorneys what he thought. He said The Robinsons will receive a large Settlement, because no one can dispute that this was definitely a “Wrongful Death” on the part of Robert Moyer.

In the end, there are several lessons to be learned:

  1. We need to re-focus on the Morals, Values & Ethics our children are raised with and they need to actually be made part of the curriculum within our City School System. Ref: Unlimited Education at:
  2. We cannot take the things we do lightly. There need to be boundaries. Knowing what those boundaries are is important.
  3. Life is the most precious and valuable thing there is. No amount of money, no man, woman, and no amount of fame, prestige or anything is more valuable.
  4. There is no greater pain than the loss of a loved one. For those who have never experienced it, you will. You will never be able to comprehend until you do.
  5. Life is short. We only have so much time. The things we do have consequences and they should. If you take from me, you need to know there is a price to pay. There should always by a high price to pay for taking a Human Life, so that people don’t take that decision lightly. You don’t only take life from that person, but from their Loved Ones’ as well.

I don’t know what you believe, but I believe in God. We will all be judged one day and the measure we use to judge, is the measure that will be used to judge us. So let’s be careful with our judgments. Jesus said: “Don’t focus on a tiny speck in my bowl of soup when you have a Camel in yours.” We must remember that we all have a Camel in ours. When we talk about another person’s drunken state, we must remember the time we were drunk. When we talk about how their kids run the streets, we need to look at our own kids and how they fight all the time. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. Let’s leave the Judging to God and to those who God has appointed as Judges, in The Courts. However, that doesn’t mean that we don’t have a responsibility to monitor our Justice System to insure that Justice is being done.

Robert Moyer and The Moyer Family should both write a long apology letter to The Robinsons, respectively. Robert was literally dead wrong and he must accept that. He should do his time with grace. He should find something positive to do while he is in Prison and be prepared to contribute to Society and give back for what he has taken away, when he is released. 

The Robinsons should receive a hefty Settlement for their Loss, Pain and Suffering. It should be graciously paid by the Moyers. The Robinsons should pray to God for the peace of mind necessary for forgiveness. Again, the measure that we use to forgive is the measure that God will use to forgive us for our sins. And we all sin.

I recommend that Winston-Salem Residents watch The Winston-Salem Justice System, because there is something that I suspect is not quite right. I don’t live there, but if I did, I’d have my share of questions as to how this case was handled and as to how many cases are handled like this one was.

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