Emergency in Florida as Oil Slick Spreads

Emergency in Florida as oil slick spreads Florida has declared an emergency for six counties because of the Gulf oil slick. President Obama is ordering a review of the explosion that caused the spill. FULL STORY

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Pastor Jenkins: What The Easter Bunny Won’t Tell You…… Part 2

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What the Easter Bunny wont tell you… 1 of 3

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China Now the World’s Leading Car Market?

Beijing Auto Show: Automakers Flock To World’s Leading Car Market (PHOTOS) April 29, 2010 Forget the United States — for many huge companies the most important car market in the world is now China. As the Wall Street Journal noted recently, Robert Bosch, the largest auto supplier in the world, thinks China will remain as […]

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How Health Care Law Impacts Seniors

  President Obama has been accused of Socialism and his Health Care Plan a Socialist Plot; like The U.S. doesn’t already lean toward Socialism (U.S. Postal Service, Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security, The V.A., Welfare, etc.). All of these are Socialist Programs, of-course. Like one more Socialist Program would be the down fall of our country.  One poor soul at a Tea […]

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Success; Redefined… “The Grace of God”

Every dollar given, every compliment, smile and kind word offered, every pat on the back and good deed done; builds up treasures in the hearts and minds of Man and God, who’s image we are made in. These treasures have more value than gold, silver and diamonds, but may not be accepted at your local […]

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Arizona Immigration Law/Setback Civil Rights

Arizona Gov. Signs Tough Immigration Bill Arizona Governor: Republican Jan Brewer has signed a bill into law that allows Law Enforcement to use unspecified criteria to determine if a person, who appears to be an Illegal Immigrant, is or not. Yes, Illegal Immigration is one of several different causes of violent and other criminal activity in Arizona and […]

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Imigration Reform Should Begin in Mexico

Immigration Reform seems to be the next hot topic for the nation. I feel it is important to remember that we are a nation of immigrants. The overwhelming majority of all US Citizens are either immigrants, descendants of immigrants or descendants of slaves, who were brought here from somewhere else. There are Relatively few Native […]

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Domestic Violence Over Passwords?

Akron/Canton, Ohio LAKE TWP. — A township man was jailed after a fight with his wife involving computer passwords. Stark County Jail records said the 47-year-old Dawn Avenue NW man and his wife were arguing over Facebook, e-mail and other passwords that she refused to give him. As the argument intensified, he slapped her in […]

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Education: The Solution for Most All Problems

After careful consideration and research, I have come to the conclusion that, with the exception of God, the solutions to most all of the worlds problems come down to Education. Bad Education can be blamed for Gihad and War of all sorts, Drug Sales and Abuse, Crime, Violence, Racism, Bad Relationships, Teenage Pregnancy, AIDS, Bad Economic Performance, […]

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