The Concept of Justice in America

Justice in America is a matter of perspective. What is just to one may not be just to another. In America, we have children who are born with silver spoons in their mouths and grow up in private schools. They get brand new cars for their 16TH and/or 18TH Birthday and go off to college at […]

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Health Care Repeal “Get Over It Republicans”

As an Independend, I have to say: “Get over it Republicans; the bill has been passed and is the Law of the Land!”  Are you kidding me? Now they want to run on a platform of “Repeal”. Weren’t they just saying telling us that they wanted to get on with the business of creating jobs? […]

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Black Legislators Called: N Word and Spit On

Final Health Care Push Met With Bitter Resistance   Alan Fram AP WASHINGTON (March 20) — House Democrats heard it all Saturday – words of inspiration from President Barack Obama and raucous chants of protests from demonstrators. And at times it was flat-out ugly, including some racial epithets aimed at black members of Congress. Most of […]

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The Change the WORLD Blog? What is it?

  Thank you so much for visiting our blog!!! Of-course, you are welcome to click ABOUT, from the Home Page to get a brief description.  Soon, the blog will be full of logos from companies and organizations who offer products and services that help people and communities. I want this tobe a central location for […]

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Lady Calls Obama a Liar After H/C Speech

Matt Lewis Contributor Ingrid Martin Channels Joe the Plumber, Debates Obama After Health Speech Posted: 03/16/10 1301 Comments  +  Join the discussion » TEXT SIZE:AAA PRINT SHARE During his speech in Strongsville, Ohio, on Monday afternoon, President Obama highlighted the struggle of Natoma Canfield, a cleaning woman from the nearby town of Medina who is […]

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Dems Try to Pass Bill by All Means Necessary

Here is where I stand: I am in favor of Obama’s watered down version of his original Health Care Bill. I am disappointed that it is watered down, but it is better than nothing. It is watered down because The Insurance and certain other related factions conducted a brilliant smear campaign against the President and […]

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Army Revamps Basic Training…..

Army drops bayonets, busts abs in training revamp Print AP – Basic training solders, private Joel Yuhas, back, and private David Glisson, front, battle each other, … By SUSANNE M. SCHAFER, Associated Press Writer Susanne M. Schafer, Associated Press Writer – 1 hr 9 mins ago FORT JACKSON, S.C. – At 5 a.m. on the Army’s largest training base, soldiers grunt through […]

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Watch How Much Info You Post on Facebook

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Pacquiao Dominates Clottey

  Pacquiao dominates Clottey in front of 50,994 By Kevin Iole Print ARLINGTON, Texas – Joshua Clottey may have been bigger, but that was his only edge on Saturday night. Manny Pacquiao clearly outworked Clottey, outpunching him four, five and even six to one at times in winning a wide decision before a standing room-only […]

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The Top Places to Live (Money)

And the winners are… Yes, strong local economies still exist. These small towns have ’em – plus great schools, affordable homes, low crime, and much more. More 1. Louisville, CO 2. Chanhassen, MN 3. Papillion, NE 4. Middleton, WI 5. Milton, MA • See the top 100 6. Warren, NJ 7. Keller, TX 8. Peachtree City, […]

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Life is a Loan;Repossession is Inevitable

     Sometimes it is easy to be selfish. It is all too easy to forget that the reasons we are here on this Earth have nothing to do with the welfare of ourselves. We make the statement: “It’s my life and I’ll live it the way I want to.” It is all too easy […]

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Comprehensive Report: Stimulus Job Creation

Here is a map that shows how many stimulus jobs have been created state by state, based on State Reporting, according to The Obama Administration: WASHINGTON ( — The largest stimulus program in the nation’s history has created or saved just over 640,000 jobs, the Obama administration said Friday. Based on $159 billion in spending from the […]

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Economic News Releases

Economic News Releases Employment Situation March 05, 2010 Nonfarm payroll employment was little changed (-36,000) in February, and the unemployment rate held at 9.7 percent. Employment fell in construction and information, while temporary help services added jobs. Unusually severe winter weather in parts of the country may have affected payroll employment in February; however, it […]

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Will Health Care Bill Cripple the Nation?

SuperStarr1968 over on Twitter says that The President’s Health Care bill will cripple our nation. Twitter doesn’t give you enough space to respond to statements like this. Hey my man… Don’t fall for the hype. Cripple is a strong word. It’s not all that serious. Just to address a few of the concerns I bet you […]

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Take Charge Mr. President!!

Obama: ‘Time to make a decision’ on health care President Obama stepped up to the Podium and at the same time, he stepped up to the Plate. He put The Health Care Issue in plain, simple English. He said that The Republican Plan only insures an additional 3 million people and his plan insures an […]

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